How To Include Your Kids In Your Fitness Routine

As a parent, finding time for fitness is challenging. Between school drop-offs and never-ending laundry, your time is limited. However, you can find time to exercise with the kids by your side.

Create a Family Fitness Event

A fitness routine is an excellent way to stay in shape. However, kids may feel excluded. Of course, they can follow your routine, but it may get boring. You can make things exciting by creating a family fitness event. Schedule a block of time dedicated to physical activity. For example, you can go on a family bike ride, hike a trail, or have a dance party. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you include everyone. When the whole family participates in physical activity, the exercise becomes enjoyable. 

To help you plan an exciting family activity, I can suggest you go to a Paintball field with your kids on any weekend. Imagine your whole family dressed up in fancy Paintball Kits, holding cool paintball guns and ready to pound upon each other. This will not only be an awesome leisure time for your family but a great family fitness session as well.

Let Kids Count Your Reps 

If your kid is a toddler, you’re most likely not initiating extreme workouts. However, they can participate in your routine. Let your kids count your reps. Whether it’s push-ups, sit-ups, or squats, let your kid join in on the activity. Count in small increments to familiarize them with numbers. If you have older kids, you can create a competition to see who can do the most reps. You will work up a sweat in no time!

Race Your Kids 

Kids love an adrenaline rush, and you can provide one by setting up a race. You can have a great cardio session while teaching your children good sportsmanship. However, kids are fast, and they may leave you in the dust. The next time you’re in an open space, initiate a race between you and your kids. You can say, “Hey. Let’s see who can run the fastest to the park bench!” You may be surprised at how fast your kiddo can run. 

Do Seasonal Activities

Seasonal activities are fantastic switch-ups from your normal fitness routine. In the summertime, go swimming at your local pool. Swimming will keep your kids busy for a few hours and help them develop muscle strength. In the fall and springtime, find a trail and go on a hike. Hiking is good cardio and acts as a strength-building workout. In the wintertime, fitting in an outdoor workout is tricky. However, a snowball fight or sledding is always a fun choice! 

We understand finding time for fitness is challenging, but it’s possible. As a parent, you’re pulled in many directions throughout the day. Luckily, you can get your workout session in with your kids by your side.