“In just six short months at Oregon Sports News, I’ve been able to establish my own writing style, bounce ideas off my editor and create a compilation of published clips that will forever be mine to claim. My portfolio was even the driving factor in my acceptance into the Sportswriting Internship with Bleacher Report—a program that will help convert my goals and ambitions into opportunities and accomplishments.”

– Bryant Knox, Bleacher Report

“Without the work I did at OSN, I wouldn’t have been able to land an internship with Yahoo! Sports. OSN gave me an opportunity to put my writing out there for others to read and it has paid off.”

Jihun Han, Yahoo! Sports

“As someone who has studied to become a sports journalist for most of my life, I’m thankful for Oregon Sports News for giving me an opportunity to get my work out there.  The exposure and experience working here was invaluable in advancing my goals as a writer.”

Ryan A. Chase, BlazersEdge

“I can say pretty confidently that writing for Oregon Sports News was a crucial part in landing me a professional internship. OSN is unique in that it gives writers the platform to get their work seen by a large audience, while also allowing them the freedom to form their own style and write about whatever interests them. Having my work published on a respected and professional media outlet like OSN was crucial for my portfolio and really helped open up the avenue for me to pursue my goals as a sportswriter.”

– Ari Liljenwall, Seattle Sounders FC Beat Writer for MLSsoccer.com

“OSN is an amazing platform that helped me get accepted to a prestigious Sports Law LLM program. Without the opportunity to write for Arran and alongside such talented journalists, I wouldn’t have been able to show that discussion about legal and policy issues can be both entertaining and informational. I’m so fortunate to be able to write about important issues without the censorship that may occur with non independent sports journals. “

– Lindsay Brandon, Sports Law, St. John’s

“Oregon Sports News offers aspiring writers the most valuable thing of all: Opportunity. Writers need to write, and the venue and range of topics available to beginning writers at Oregon Sports News provides the ideal atmosphere in which to hone one’s skills. I’ll be forever grateful for my opportunity at OSN, and owe much of my relative success to my experience on the site.”

– Wade Evanson, Sports Editor, Forest Grove News-Times / Hillsboro Tribune

“While Oregon Sports News offered freedom and plenty of space for creativity, I received the feedback I needed to vastly improve my writing. My interests in sports grew from observational takes to more nuanced analyses. Because I was able to own direction of my content, I started to learn Data Analysis and took my basketball writing to new heights, getting me a writing spot at Nylon Calculus.”

– Sebastian Pycior, Writer, Nylon Calculus

“When I was a very young, not very good writer, Oregon Sports News gave me the reliable platform I needed to write and get published and improve week after week. That was invaluable for me at that time, and I’m happy that the site continues to provide that platform to aspiring writers.”

Abe Asher, Portland Mercury

Are you a journalist or a columnist? Are you a blogger or a message board junkie? Are you a true Oregon sports fan? If you answer yes to any of these questions, you can write for Oregon Sports News. Because of the popularity of the website, your columns will be seen by literally thousands of sports fans around this great state. We also have partnered with several media websites, including 750 The Game and KGW.

All we ask from you is to submit at least one original, insightful, and consistent sports column per week. We also recommend submitting articles that are not time sensitive. A column about last night’s Portland Trail Blazers game will get a lot less exposure than a column about what moves the Blazers should make in the offseason. Topics can be about any team in Oregon or Washington.

Your work will be reviewed by a professional copy editing staff and will provide you with guidance to become a better writer. We will provide your columns with any images or videos needed.

Although this is unpaid, your work will get exposure. If you love sports and you love to write, you will have fun being a writer for Oregon Sports News. We often have prize giveaways for outstanding work.

If you are still interested in writing for us, please submit a writing sample to info@oregonsportsnews.com. Also tell us a little about yourself.

Thank you for your interest.

– Arran Gimba