What Sport Should I Play?

With the pandemic going on well over a year, our routine and day-to-day life have inevitably changed. We spend more time inside, eat more, and exercise way less than before.  

However, none of this is a good enough excuse not to be active and lead a healthy life. If you want to try a new activity or sport, there are plenty of options to choose from. Many options go along with social distancing rules, from indoor variants like table tennis and swimming to extreme sports like surfing and paragliding.  

Choosing the Sport That Suits You Best

Based on your idea of fun, your preferred sport might be very different from that of a person next to you. Therefore it’s essential to set your priorities when picking the perfect activity to invest your time and energy. You should ask yourself whether you like it or not, how enjoyable it is, how challenging, what the gains are, etc. Here’s a quick list to help you set the direction.  


If you love water and want to stay healthy and fit, you can’t go wrong with swimming. It’s a great way to lose weight as we burn many calories while practicing this popular water sport. The best thing about swimming is that it activates your entire body. You’ll be hitting most muscle groups, from the lower back and legs to the shoulders, chest, and even neck. 

Here’s all the equipment you’ll need:  

  • Swimwear 
  • Swim cap 
  • Earplugs (optional)  

The water also massages the muscles so you won’t be so sore even if you overdo it on your first training. You’ll feel exhausted, but you won’t feel the same muscle pain as you would if you’d hit the gym and overworked biceps or quadriceps.  

Hang Gliding

If you’re adventurous enough, hang gliding might just be the perfect pastime for you. What better way to keep social distance than soaring many feet above the ground? This thrilling sport will keep the adrenaline rushing through your body while you enjoy astonishing views. It might need a bit more preparation than other options in this list. But, once you’ve mastered the basics, all your efforts will have a satisfying reward. 

You’ll need to invest on:  

  • Hang glider 
  • Harness 
  • Helmet 
  • Googles 
  • Altimeter 
  • Variometer 

Although the equipment might not be precisely budget-friendly, it’s worth every penny. Enjoying a little “me time” while you fly like an eagle is a one-of-a-lifetime experience you shouldn’t pass on.  


Looking for a water sport that involves a lot more adrenaline than swimming? Surfing is considered an extreme sport. Although it can be dangerous, if you love water and are a pretty confident swimmer, you should be fine. If you’re living next to the ocean, you shouldn’t think twice about learning how to surf! This exciting activity requires a bit more investment than most regular sports would, but it’s definitely worth it!  

All you’ll need is:  

  • Wetsuit 
  • Surfboard 
  • Earplugs  
  • Wax for surfboard 

There’s something magical about spotting the perfect wave, swimming towards it, and finally catching it to ride as far as your skills take you. Be sure to follow all the safety rules and tips that your instructor may give you. As with swimming, surfing will help you stay fit and healthy and work your entire body. 

Free Climbing

Here’s another sport for adventurous types that aren’t afraid of heights and love a challenge. Bouldering or free climbing can take place indoors or outdoors. You’ll start with an improved bouldering wall and work your way through learning about the equipment, bouldering techniques, and types of terrain. 

Don’t forget your:  

  • Shoes 
  • Brushes 
  • Mat 
  • Bouldering chalk 

You’ll learn a lot of handy stuff before you can go to the great outdoors and pick a spot with your instructor and people in your club. You’ll work your forearms, shoulders as well as core, and legs. It’s a unique sport that’s fun and healthy.  

To Conclude  

Although staying home playing on one of the Playtech top casinos might be tempting, getting off the couch and moving a bit won’t hurt. Many sports might catch your eye these days, but it’s best to stick to ones that don’t include contact and go along with social distancing rules. 

All you need is an attractive enough activity for you to stay motivated and have fun. So be sure to pick the right one to avoid wasting time and spending money on equipment.

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