The Healing Power Of Walking

Fire breathing treadmill octopus, Bowflex, and now that thing where you work out in front of a mirror. Why does getting in shape have to be complicated when it really should prove simple?. Do you own a pair of shoes? Then you have all the tools required for the all-time classic workout, a walk. 

For me, walking is a realm of peace. I grew up a basketball player and spent the majority of my time playing with friends. But as I aged and rounding up 10 guys proved difficult, I began to search for other ways to exercise. 

After researching several different aspects of healing, I came across a doctor named Andrew Weil, M.D. While reading one of Dr.Weil’s books titled “Spontaneous Healing,” he explained why walking is literally one of the best forms of exercise for humans.  

He stated the following, “Human Beings are meant to walk. We are bipedal, upright organisms with bodies designed for locomotion.” (Weil, 188)

He then went a little deeper and broke down why it is one of the most beneficial exercises. The following quote comes from a Harvard Alumnus, so take note. “ 

“When you walk, the movement of your limbs is cross-patterned: the right leg and the left arm move forward at the same time, then the left leg and right arm. This type of movement generates electrical activity in the brain that has a harmonizing influence on the whole central nervous system.” (Weil, 188)

If you break it down, this concept isn’t that complex. Essentially the back and forth movement between your arms and legs is phenomenal for your body. 

He probably phrases it a little better because he went to Harvard, and I went to WSU. 

All I know is walking feels like meditation to me. It is one of the few times where I can actually shut off my mind and just be. 

 And for me personally, it strikes a different nerve than hitting the local gym.

The neighborhood workout spot may provide relief. But it still boasts millions of brightly flashing TVs, Husky-purple tanning booths, and that one guy who may be a champion MMA fighter.  

Obviously, the gym possesses advantages with amenities, including free weights, pools, and basketball courts. But there is a notable difference between the stenchy air of an industrial fitness center versus mother nature herself, particularly if you live in the Pacific Northwest.

Another beautiful aspect of walking is the variety of options it gives you. You can listen to a book, podcast, move in silence like Lil Wayne recommends, or even phone a friend. 

With the Delta Variant, campfire smoke in our skies, and uncertainty looming again. We could all probably use a reminder to take care of ourselves. Health truly is everything. 

And for me, walking is healing.  

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