The Best Fitness Motivator Tricks To Get Back On Track After Vacation

We know how it is. You go on vacation for two weeks, and suddenly, your whole gym routine disappears. Vacation is about enjoying yourself, not maxing out in the gym. 

But once your vacation is over, getting out of vacation mode is challenging. You no longer have an excuse to sip Mai Tais every day at 3 pm in the afternoon. And your stationary bike is waiting for your return. 

So how do you find the motivation to work out when you’d rather be back on the beach sipping cocktails? Keep reading for the best fitness motivator tips and tricks to get your fitness back on track. 

Start Off Easy

If you haven’t lifted a finger (except to dip tortilla chips in salsa) since you left for vacation, getting back to your intense fitness routine might be daunting. The first fitness motivator tip to get back on track is to start easy. 

Don’t push your body to the limit on your first day back in the gym. You’ll be more willing (and more likely) to get yourself to the gym if you know you’re taking it easy. Take your time getting back into your fitness routine; there’s no rush. 

Try Out a New Routine

Nothing is a better fitness motivator than trying something new. If you’ve been doing the same fitness routine for months, it’s time to switch things up. 

Get a brand-new start after vacation by trying a different fitness routine. Sign up for that spin class you’ve always wanted to try, or check out that workout app you’ve heard so much about. 

Having something new to look forward to is more of a fitness motivator than going back to your same old routine. 

Buy New Fitness Gear

A new look could inspire you to want to show off your new threads in the gym. Sometimes the best fitness motivator is looking good. And who wouldn’t look good in brand new Nike sneakers or an awesome workout set from Lululemon? 

Spend some cash on new fitness gear if you’re having trouble motivating yourself to hit the gym. New clothes and shoes will inspire you to want to wear them for the intended purpose, working out. 

Plus, if you splurge on the expensive gear, you’ll have to make yourself hit the gym. You can’t spend all that money without making them useful, right? Never underestimate the power of money as a fitness motivator. 

Call a Friend

Friends can be an excellent fitness motivator for sticking to a workout. It’s more fun exercising with other people, and they can push you to work harder. Call a friend to meet up with you for daily or weekly training sessions. 

You can go on your fitness journey together and hold each other accountable for sticking to your fitness goals. You won’t be as likely to skip your workout if you know your friend is counting on you to show up. 

Plus, having a friend to workout with makes the time go by much quicker. 

Hire a Personal Trainer

Not interested in getting back to the gym no matter how hard you try to motivate yourself? Fortunately, if you can’t be your own fitness motivator, you can hire someone else to be. 

A personal trainer will get you back in the gym and back on a regular routine. They can work with you on a daily or weekly basis to improve your workouts and reach your fitness goals. 

A good personal trainer will hold you accountable for your training sessions. Plus, if you skip a session, you pay for it regardless (again, don’t underestimate how powerful money can be as a fitness motivator). Hiring a personal trainer may be advantageous for you if you need more encouragement to get back on track.

Get Outside

After being on vacation, going back to your normal routine might not sound appealing. You’ve just spent weeks snorkeling in a tropical paradise and exploring new cities. The last thing you want to do is be inside a dark, cold gym. 

Skip the gym and let the outdoors be your fitness motivator. There are plenty of ways to stay active without going to the gym. Go for more walks in your neighborhood or on a local nature trail, grab a tennis racket and hit the tennis court, or pick up a shovel and do some much-needed gardening in your backyard. 

Exercise doesn’t have to be done on a treadmill in the gym. Find ways to stay active in your daily life and still reap the fitness benefits. 

Start a New Diet

Diet and exercise are equally important factors in losing weight and staying healthy. They both act as fitness motivators for one another. Meaning, the more you exercise, the more likely you are to eat healthily. And the healthier you eat, the more likely you are to exercise. 

Doing your body good creates a ripple effect. Trying a new diet or making a point to eat healthier will make you want to work out. You’ll feel so energized after drinking your daily green juice, for example, that a 30-minute run will sound like a fantastic idea. 

Plus, once you start seeing the results from your healthy diet, you’ll be even more motivated to hit the gym. Start being healthier in other areas of your life, and your fitness will follow. 

The Takeaway

Getting back on track after vacation is hard. Your body and mind have been on relax mode, not Zumba mode. Don’t be afraid to take things slow and ease your way back into your usual routine. Give yourself time to adjust back to your regular schedule. 

And if the old way isn’t working for you, try something new. Let the end of your vacation be a fresh start for your life and your fitness.