5 Ways To Beat Workout Boredom

Sticking to an exercise routine can help you achieve ambitious fitness goals, but simply doing the same workout every day can quickly become tiresome. Fortunately, you can mix up your routine to keep your excitement levels high while still producing the results you want. Try these five tips for beating workout boredom and get excited about going to the gym again.

Create an Adrenaline-Fueled Playlist

Music can be a key source of motivation during a workout, especially if you’re listening to tunes that have the right tempo. Research has shown you’ll get more out of your workout if you push play on music that has an optimal tempo for the exercise you’ve chosen.

For example, power walking is best paired with music that has 137 to 139 beats per minute (BPM). If you’re running, you’ll want to listen to faster music at 147 to 169 BPM. If you’re cycling, aim for music at 135 to 170 BPM, depending on your speed.

Reward Yourself for Making Progress

When you first start a workout routine, you might set goals for building muscle, losing weight, or achieving a certain health status. If you don’t monitor your progress and cheer yourself on, however, your workouts will get boring quickly.

Use an app to track your fitness progress and make sure to reward your achievements. A new pair of running shoes or a day of self-care is a great reward for making progress toward your goals.

Mix Up Your Exercises

Doing the same cardio routine at every gym session isn’t just boring. Over time, repeating exercises each day can reduce your body’s response, meaning you may not see the progress you expect in the long run.

Rather than hitting the treadmill every weekday, try mixing up your exercises instead. Split up your cardio time into cycling, running, and stair climbing, or alternate between solo running days and spin class sessions.

Superset Your Workout Routine

If you feel like you aren’t quite challenging your body enough, superset your workout routine to give yourself that extra push. Typically, you’d allow yourself a brief resting period between repetitions. When you superset, however, you won’t break at all while you’re doing a resistance training routine. Instead, you’ll go from one set to the next, only resting when you’re finished.

To start, try mixing lower-body sets with upper-body resistance exercises. As you become accustomed to this technique, you can superset multiple exercises that work the same muscle group.

Change Up the Scenery

Whether you go to the gym or you use an exercise setup at home, doing your usual routine in the same place can get tedious after awhile. Rather than working out indoors, head outdoors instead. Studies have shown that people who exercise outdoors tend to burn more calories, feel more enthusiasm, and experience less fatigue. To beat stress while getting exercise, heading out into the great outdoors is a smart choice.

With a little creativity and a strong desire to see results, you can keep your workouts interesting. The next time you start to dread going to the gym, try these easy tips to beat workout boredom.