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As the population in the state of Oregon grows, so does something else: the amount of processed food made to accommodate for the state’s rapid growth. What does this mean? This means, as processed becomes more common, so do diseases, illnesses, and other health risks. That’s because illnesses related to population growth don’t only have the ability to affect specific age groups, but they also have the ability to spread faster. How? Through something we all rely on for our survival: food.

But when it comes to burning fat, calories count. Thanks to a variety of things like wearable technology and mobile apps, monitoring how much fat you burn has never been easier. This is important because losing weight almost always involves cutting how much calories you consume and following a proper workout routine — and the concept of “eat less, move more” is the primary reason for this.

How can technology help?

Wearable devices and mobile apps can help by allowing you to track your weight loss, monitor what you eat, and keep track of your daily routine. Mobile apps, for example, can be used to measure your workouts by using things like GPS and other features on your phone that allow it to display your progress. This might include heart rate monitoring to help make accurate estimates, body fat percentage to show weight progress, and distance ran to determine where your body is physically.

Other apps are so accurate that they not only can tell you what to eat but how much to eat in one sitting. So, whether you’re counting calories or concerned about illnesses associated with processed food, it’s important to remember that the amount of food you consume and the apps you rely on can really show what you’re putting in your body. This means that if you want to improve your overall health and maintain that 20/20 vision of yours, you’re going to have to stay make changes that benefits your body.

Activity trackers can also help by improving fitness and promoting weight loss. Both the physical activities you do throughout the day (at school or at work) and the dedicated exercises you agree to are extremely important for good health and weight control. These pieces of cutting-edge technology can help figure out what exercises to do, how to do them, and when to do them. Even if you aren’t concerned about the number of calories you’ve burned throughout the day, these devices can help individuals develop healthy habits. How? By showing individuals the progress, they’ve made.

While these devices are easy to depend on and can make all the difference in the way we exercise, it still helps to use other alternatives and keep yourself motivated. For example, if you’ve met your step count for the day, you should still try and be active throughout the remainder of the day. Remember, real success comes from making lifestyle changes that promote healthy living. As you use technology to help you meet these goals, it doesn’t replace the dedication you’ll need to stay highly motivated throughout the journey ahead.

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