Thanksgiving To My Runner’s Body

As we inch nearer and nearer to Thanksgiving holiday, and I battle with some things that may limit my running a little, I have been thinking about how grateful I am for my body and how it always at least tries to do what I ask it to do.

So, this year, before we sit down to Thanksgiving dinner, let’s take our bodies out for a morning run and let them know how much we appreciate them—each and every running part.

Mind –

Our minds are sharp and get us through every run, whether our legs or lungs are tired or not. Our minds can also be huge liars, but let’s keep the negative talk out of this.

Shoulders –

Those strong, steady shoulders that keep our posture natural and fluid, they move with ease and grace and rarely ever get too tired.

Lungs –

Essential lungs that fill with air and keep us moving mile after mile. So strong, so helpful, so accomplished at their task.

Heart –

Our hearts that beat low at rest and keep us moving during our runs. Pumping all that blood through our bodies, and keeping those lungs and appendages doing their thing.

Arms –

Whether they are thin, fat, muscular, or a little bit flabby, our arms are the best at pumping through the air to keep us going forward. Is that a big hill just ahead? Time to pump those arms to get up it a little easier.

Fingers –

Our fingers that we never, not ever, clench while we are running. No, our fingers are always loose, relaxed and holding an imaginary bag of chips.

Belly –

Speaking of good posture, the shoulders can only do so much. The abs are where all the staying upright magic happens. What would we do without our tummy muscles? We would be slugs, and slugs don’t run. Long live abs!

Bum –

Let’s not forget the glutes that help our legs move over and over again in the merciless way we demand. We must be diligent in working our glutes, so they keep up the excellent work.

Legs –

The legs – the golden children that get all the attention. But they are pretty amazing, aren’t they? The strong muscles and fluid joints help us do what we love to do.

Feet –

And last but not least, our poor feet. They may not be the prettiest things out there, but we will proudly parade around in sandals during the summer. Shamelessly subjecting other people to the sight of our runner’s feet, because darn it, we are honored to have these hard workers attached to the bottom of our legs.

I hope you can get out for a turkey trot Thanksgiving morning, whether you run in an actual race, run all by yourself, with family, or with a group of friends. May we all give thanks for the things we have and feel gratified with our healthy, beautiful bodies.

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