Making A Spring Running Bucket List

Runner Friends – we are less than two months away from Spring! Can you believe it? It’s true; we do have the hardest months ahead of us – the cold and bitter February, and the wet and wild March. But Spring is on the horizon. We have warmer weather within dreaming distance, and I have a fun challenge to get us pumped for when those daffodils finally bloom.

Since Spring is approximately three months long, let’s all pick three things to put on our Spring Running Bucket List. It doesn’t have to be something on the list below, get creative. Do one thing per month and get epic stuff done before the Summer running season begins. Completing things, even fun things, invigorate and encourage us to keep on getting things done.

Try a New Distance – 

Trying something new is a fabulous thing to put on a bucket list. Even if it’s running a fun run with your kid, doing new things will spark all kinds of good feelings.

Volunteer – 

Speaking of good feelings – there are so many events out there, and often they don’t have enough volunteers. Give back to your community and volunteer.

Help an Unmotivated Friend – 

We all get unmotivated once in a while. If you have a friend in your life that is going through this, get them out to run with you. Do not accept no for an answer. Stay upbeat and go at their pace. Make it fun for them and be there for them. It will make both of you feel great.

Challenge a Friend – 

Maybe don’t challenge your unmotivated friend, but do pick someone who wants to do a challenge with you. It could be who can run the most miles, or run the most days in the month. It could be anything that is fun and friendly.

Create Your Own Race – 

My relay buddies and I have been meaning to run our own relay for six months now, but things keep getting in the way. Maybe Spring is the right time for us. Why not get some friends together and create your own race? It can be any distance as long as you have fun doing it.

Go Virtual – 

There are also plenty of virtual races to sign up for online. You sign up, run it at your leisure wherever you want, and they send you a bib and a medal. Super fun! 

Make it more fun by making it a group running event. 

Run a New Route – 

By running a new route, I don’t mean turn left out of your driveway instead of right, I mean, run somewhere completely different. Is there a park across town that has a nice path you’ve always wanted to try? Or maybe you want to attempt trail running finally. Make a point to add a new route and see how all the monotony and routine are erased from your run.

Don’t let me stop you at one thing per month. If you want to do two impressive things per month –get it!

Be amazing, my Runner friends. I would love to hear what fun things you put on your Spring Running Bucket List. 

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