Last Minute Christmas Gifts For Runners

Christmas is creeping ever closer! I’ve compiled a large list of awesome Christmas gift ideas for the runner in your life, or for yourself. Don’t dread the last-minute shopping-I’ve got you covered.

Magazine Subscriptions –

There are a few different magazines you could subscribe to depending on what your runner enjoys.

For a road runner, try Runner’s World. It’s packed with great information on form, shoes, gear, and inspirational stories.

If your runner is a trail runner, try Trail Runner or Trail Running magazine. Both cover the world of running on trails.

The Stick or Foam Roller –

If your runner doesn’t have one of these yet, definitely purchase one or both. The stick is fabulous for removing lactic acid from the muscles. The foam roller will be your runner’s best friend. There is nothing better than rolling out fatigued muscles after a run.

Gift Certificates –

There are so many options when it comes to gift certificates. You can purchase certificates for a massage, a pedicure, a facial. Any of those things will make your runner feel like a million bucks. Or, be a real star and purchase a gift certificate to their favorite running store.

Hats or Buffs –

A great stocking stuffer or gift basket option: the hat or a Buff. Runners love to protect their heads. You can purchase a few Buffs in fun patterns and watch the smile when your runner opens their gift. Beanies are also a fabulous option for these cold winter months.

Running Gloves –

Speaking of cold winter months,running gloves are another stocking stuffer or basket gift idea. There is nothing worse than icicle fingers while you are running. Just make sure you purchase ones that are specific to running so they have the correct fabric type.

Running jacket –

Running jackets are spendy, I’m not going to lie. But they are also an expense that most people won’t make for themselves so a jacket would make a perfect Christmas gift.

Race Entry –

What says “I love you” more than race entry into one of their favorite races? Make sure you order a shirt for them too so they can remember it always.

Safety Gear –

Safety gear is a limitless category. There is so much out there to keep your runner safe on the roads. Light-up safety vests, mace, reflectors, clip-on lights, etc.

Compression Socks or Sleeves –

If your runner likes to run long distances, mens/womens compression socks or compression sleeves are a fabulous idea. These ease fatigued muscles and are purported to reduce muscle soreness. Shop around for different styles and types, not every compression sock is an all-round use, there are different ones for sport and relaxing so make sure you see what is available. You can find various ones over at SockWell USA so you are well clued up on the best socks for their exercise needs!

Hydration Vests –

Again, if your runner likes to go the distance, a hydration vest would be the perfect gift. Look for one that has pockets in the front, as well as the back, so it’s easy for them to access fuel and phone. There is nothing more frustrating than having to stop running, remove a vest, dig through it for what you need, and then put the vest back on.

Headlamp –

A solid good working headlamp is an excellent piece of gear for a runner to have. If your runner participates in relay races or likes to run in the dark, this is a great option. Make sure there is an option to change the batteries and lamp.

Headphones –

If your runner is still using corded headphones to run, do them a favor and buy them a pair of Bluetooth ones. Cords are awful.

Socks –

More stocking stuffers! Quality, running-specific socks are a good idea. Runners always need good socks to protect their feet.

Massage Ball –

These hard balls are perfect for a runner with sore muscles. These can get right into a tight area and release tension. Amazon has a ton of options. Some have bumps and work great to release soreness in feet.

Garmin Watch –

If you’re looking to buy your runner a big gift, this would be it. If they don’t have a Garmin yet, or if theirs is old and outdated, they would love a new one. Look for one that has a step counter and GPS functionality so they don’t have to wear two watches while they run (like I do).

Road ID Bracelet –

You have to special order these, and there may still be time. You can add your runner’s name, any allergies, an emergency contact, as well as an inspirational quote. My husband got me one a few years ago and I love it. I know that even if I pass out in a ditch, someone will be able to contact him.

Running Jewelry –

Running jewelry has become pretty popular. You can find bracelets and necklaces galore. They have race distances, motivational quotes, etc. to make your runner feel pretty and special.

Medal & Bib Display –

I’ve been asking for one of these for years, and I still haven’t gotten one. Maybe this year! Help your runner get those medals and race bibs out of a box and onto a wall. They can display all of their past glory every time they look at it.

Running photos –

If you have access to some of your runner’s past race photos, why not get one or two framed? But please make sure it’s a good picture of them. No one wants to see that one where their face was red, they have a double chin, and their nostrils are completely flared.

HyrdoFlask –

While your runner probably won’t be running with a HydroFlask because they are big and heavy, one can help them stay hydrated throughout the day. These bottles are amazing and they are a NW company out of Bend, Oregon.

A coach –

Another big-ticket gift idea. If your runner is having injury issues, or wants to up their game and run a marathon or ultra in the next year, look into getting them a running coach.

Blister cushions or blister relief –

Blister prevention and care are also wonderful stocking stuffer ideas. They have a plethora of options on Amazon or at your local running store.

Skincare –

Skincare is so important for runners. I use MB Botanicals for all of my skincare needs. Her products protect me from head to foot. And she has relaxing options for shower and bath too. Soothing Foot Balm, Too Much Sun Spray, sugar scrub, and body oil are my personal favorites.

Yoga or Gym class certificate –

Runners have a hard time working anything but their legs. We just want to run. Encourage your runner to take care of the rest of their muscles with a gym or yoga class certificate.

Running Books

There are so many running book options for you to pick from. Some great author suggestions are Dean Karnazes, Christopher McDougall, Haruki Murakami, Deena Kastor, and Bart Yasso.

I hope this list helps find the perfect gift for your favorite runner.

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