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As runners, we have to work extra hard to keep our skin looking good. Hours and hours out in harsh, and even pleasant, weather can do years of damage to our skin while we are taking years off our bodies.

Being a busy person, like everyone else out there, I don’t have hours of extra time to spend pampering my skin. However, by using the right product, I don’t have to devote a lot of time to keepmy skin nice. If you find a product that you love, keep using it, and use it religiously. Not only can we develop blisters and nasty scaly feet, but our faces can age prematurely. What follows is my skin care routine – and the products I use religiously.

After sun care– being out in the sun for hours at a time, and having sweat sitting on the saidskin can do quite a bit of damage. I always wash my face after a run with mild soapand then moisturize again right away. I use a spray on after sun lotion that works to calm and soothe sun damage and adds moisture back into my thirsty skin, and it feels like heaven.

Don’t forget the sunscreen before you hit the roads. Prevention is key when it comes to sun damage. Protect your largest organ and slather on the SPF.

Blisters– I don’t have an issue with blisters, and I never have. I do use a foot balm to keep my feet soft and uncracked. I was blessed with nice feet, and even running hasn’t made them gross. I do take care of them with a foot scrub in the shower and the foot balm at least once a week.

Aches and pains– I’ve been using CBD oil for my hip tendinitis for about 5 months now, and I’ve seen a reduction in my flare-ups. I also use it for minor aches after long runs. It works wonders. I have considered getting other products (like these Pure Relief products) to see if they can help me with other things, but for now, I’m happy with just using CBD oil. Who knows if this is more psychological than actual improvement, but I will take it. I apply this to my hips every morning after the shower, and as needed after runs. If you aren’t sure what CBD oil effects may happen to you if you take it/use it, do your research and also talk to a healthcare professional to see what CBD could possibly do for your ailments. CBD oil can also be used as a skin care product for your face too, check out different CBD products to see which can help you with your skin concerns. I know a friend of mine got some from – she uses it also, and sees a similar difference from it. This obviously depends on a lot of medical criteria so make sure, before you purchase, that you’re safe to use it.

Shower mini facials– Sugar scrub in the shower every morning is my little treat. The scents awaken me and help me align my attitude for the day, and my skin is so soft and exfoliated. I’m really not sure what I would do without sugar scrub. I know life existed before I started using it, but it all seems so dim.

Post-shower– Body oil is my new favorite obsession. Right after I get out of the shower, I drench my skin in a body oil. It feels blissful and keeps my skin baby-soft all day long. I do have one fear when it comes to body oil. It smells so good that I’m afraid bees will attack me while I am out on a run. I haven’t been using it very often over the summer, but I cannot wait for the bees to go dormant so I can use it again.

Nighttime care– I have good intentions, and I could tell you I wash my face and use a serum every night before bed. But to be honest, I usually only manage this about 5 nights a week. I use a special face potion that moisturizes and controls my adult-acne. Full of essential oils and a quality carrier oil – it is so peaceful to put it on at night and go to bed clean and relaxed.

Chaffing– Much like my knack for avoiding blisters, I don’t usually chafe either. I did manage some epic chaffing from my hydration pack during Hood to Coast this year. I feel for anyone who chafes on a regular basis – it hurts so bad! Many of my runner friends use products like Body Glide, and I’ve heard that Vaseline can also be used as an anti-chaffing agent.

Try to find a product, or products, that work well with your skin type. Natural products are better for your skin than products full of chemicals and preservatives. I use some amazing skincare products from MB Botanicals. She makes every product by hand and in small batches. The owner had her own skin struggles and strove to make a productthat works for her, and others.

MB Botanicals products are amazing and I swear by them. You can find them here. I don’t receive compensation for this review, I just believe in the productand think any runner would agree. My favorites are the foot balm, Face Potion #9, sugar scrub, body oil, Too Much Sun lotion, and soaps.

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