Health & Fitness

Eight Weird Quirks All Runners Do

Runners are a strange breed, aren’t we? We have certain oddities about us that annoy and perplex non-runners.  I asked a few people, including my non-runner husband, about what quirks runners have. The list is […]

Oregon Ducks

Oregon Leads PAC-12 In Savvygameline Top 50

Editors’s Note: This article was originally published on by the same author. Some text has been re-used and tailored to the current discussion.  In the two months since Savvygameline released its preseason rankings for all 130 […]


Kamala Harris’ Road To Nowhere

From Six Votes Down, a partner of Oregon Sports News The star of the first round of Democratic debates last month in Miami was, without question, California senator Kamala Harris — her star-making moment a […]