Why You Should Commit To A Runcation

Is there an out of-town-race you have always wanted to do, or a place you’ve always wanted to visit? Why not do it? Get out of your comfort zone and do something wild and amazing. A “runcation” is the perfect way to get excited about training and improving your fitness, and to go somewhere new, different, and fun.

Winter will be here sooner than we think (so don’t forget to keep your feet warm). And with it comes dreary days and endless darkness. Now is your chance to fight off your Seasonal Affective Disorder for a few days and book a runcation to somewhere that isn’t our beautiful, yet wet area.

New scenery –

There are times (and I find myself currently experiencing this) when our regular running routes become the epitome of boring. The thought of the same ordinary miles day after day can get a runner down.

So get out of your home-zone and somewhere new. See new scenery and let that energize you. Who knows, it might make you appreciate your regular route again.

Sightseeing –

While on a runcation, don’t go strictly for the race. Take in the local flavor—restaurants, museums, music, tourist attractions.

Do a race in a different town because you were traveling there, or go somewhere just for a run. Either way—make sure you take full advantage of both situations.

Double duty –

There are different reasons to multi-task a runcation:

·       See out of town family (and crash at their pad)

·       Sign up for an out-of-town race and be super productive while on a business trip

·       Research for the book you’re writing

·       Discover where your family came from

Complete your map –

I am sure there are other people out there who get a thrill out of running in different states, right? I don’t travel very much, but when I find myself somewhere new, I make a concerted effort to lace up and check a new state off my list.

Even if you aren’t able to get all 50 states in your lifetime, start with a small goal, like three or five.

Climate change (in a good way) –

If you do opt for a runcation, try to find a place with a different climate than the PNW. It can be a huge challenge to run in the hot humidity of Texas or the biting chill of Chicago in the winter—but also very worth it.

I can say for a fact that running in different (and more intense) climates makes you appreciate what you have so much more.

Broaden your race horizons and start looking for a race outside the Pacific Northwest. Make it a road trip with a loved one or if you dig airports and plane rides, book those tickets.

I hope you find the joy of traveling and running in a new location. But please, always remember to be safe when running by yourself and in areas you don’t know well.

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