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Very long time ago, when sportsmen-professionals had no right to participate in the Olympic Games, sportsmen-students presented the United States of America on these competitions. And in spite of the fact that they had to resist the so-called «amateurs» – sportsmen of non-student age, who fought in the leading clubs of national championships, – the students of the American colleges often left experienced and professional sportsmen out of work. However, it is not surprising, if to take into account the huge attention which was paid and is paid nowadays to the athletic movement in the American universities and colleges.

A lot of student leagues in nearly every popular type of sports (baseball, football, tennis and many others) exist in the USA except those, which are called professional leagues – such, as NBA, NHL and NFL. So, entering this or that college students choose it according to his favor and financial status. A maximal fee for education in a college is 43 thousand dollars a year. But only a few students pay the whole declared cost of education.

There are special discounts for students working in the university or college, discounts for students working out of college according to the agreement between a college and employer, when educational establishment gets money. Moreover, athlete students have a lot of benefits. Firstly, the most unjust and to my mind the most erroneous fact is that athlete students do not pay for their tuition. Furthermore, they do not have to pay for rooms, food, medical examination and consultations; they do not pay for phone calls (except those which are done to another country, etc.) and some travels in the country. One more thing is that some of their pocket money that they can throw to the winds are also fixed and discounted and some of them can be refunded back to a student. Everything is organized according to the financial support of a college or University. In addition, there are a lot of various funds, sponsor programs which financially help young people to get higher education.

One of them is called “Sport scholarship”. It is ratified by the US Government and today it is the essential integral part of the educational process in the American universities and colleges. There are no analogical programs at present moment in any country of the world. This program is mostly spread among sportsmen, interested in entering the American colleges and depending on the type of sport and level of sports training. Moreover, it foresees a possibility of complete or partial compensation of all of all expenses, connected with the educational process, residence, foodstuff, and also charges on professional sports training. Sport scholarship allows going in for sports professionally, playing for the sporting commands of the American universities.

According to the program Sport scholarship it is permitted for students-sportsmen to play for the national combined teams and clubs of their countries. On graduation of the USA University a diploma of higher education of international standard on the chosen profession is given to every student.

But I have deepened into the heart of the matter and there is still a question: Should the athlete students pay for tuition and have some more financial benefits and advantages? Why is it done and why should ordinary students pay for their comrades, being not sportsmen?

In Double–A Zone this problem is clearly discussed; it describes the ideas of the majority and here what it reads:

Those who are fortunate enough to receive scholarships that

help with tuition, room and board are already receiving

plenty of benefit because of their status as a student


And that is a true to life saying. As most of the college students are not inborn athletes and their physical training won’t bring erudition, but health only. So, I can not help agreeing with the fact, sited on MSN site:

College and universities are for education first.

Athletics is secondary.

It is possible to give a simple example that describes the situation clearly. If to put knowledge, education and all known sciences on one pan of some imaginary scales and to put sports and physical education on the other pan, it means that it is more remunerative to choose athletics than common sciences. And where is the justice? Why students of non-sport education should pay a fantastic some of money for their tuition? It means that nowadays thirst for knowledge, overcoming of knowledge barriers, new students’ scientific research works are not paid at all. Here is a crying injustice.

But all in all speaking about athletics in colleges we should not forget world sports in general, as they are closely connected not only by functioning, but by financial security. We should not forget that sport is a multibillion system, where finances circulate from one level to another. Firstly, it is very profitable to invest money in new generation of young athletes of any college, as soon sportsmen work, their championships, especially their victories will bring money (clear profit) to the investors. Then the profit will be invested again and again. And that is why such state of events can be called an everlasting “chain reaction” or so called circulation. On the one hand this course of events can not be stopped and on the other hand it must be stopped.

Moreover, if athlete student won’t pay for education, it means that a round sum will be divided among ordinary students. As it is written in MSN:

If you pay for the athletes, you also pay the cheerleaders,

the waterboys, the equipment guys, the stat keepers, chess

club, physics club, honors society, and the list goes

on…The money that is brought in helps to pay for the

athletic travel, coaches’ salaries, administrative

expenses, and facilities management.

It is one more point to the fact that those privileges are not acceptable and must be changed.

To cut my long story short I should say that I have tried to give a lot of arguments and to describe the unfair situation existing in modern society nowadays. I also can not help mentioning that this problem is a double side medal, like black and white. From the one side supporting of sport education is a good base for the development of healthy and tempered population. Especially today, when young people destroy their health seating at home with no movement, poisoning their health with fast food, alcohol and even drugs. But on the other side it really necessary to encourage other students by introducing new programs, loyal in financial side. It is very important to provide or even guarantee residences for foreign students, to give some more benefits and profits in education process. And I am not speaking about scholarships, as the play the best inducing role for students, as it is a real possibility to try reaching higher points, better results in their studies. It is simply a very good stimulus for reaching real goals. But they must be awarded to the best students, not only athletes, for their good, excellent and remarkable achievements in sciences.

I think that I have given good reasons about athlete student education. And moreover, I think that mental education will always be more successful and privileged than sport one. As health training and body forms can be lost, while knowledge can be only doubled and admired by all generations.

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