Why Soccer Is A Fun Sport To Bet On

The Timbers’ Jaroslaw Niezgoda celebrates after scoring a goal in the second half as the Portland Timbers face the Colorado Rapids in an MLS match on Saturday, June 25, 2022, at Providence Park in Portland. Niezgoda scored two goals and the Timbers won 3-0.

With its massive global popularity, soccer is undoubtedly one of the most exciting sports to bet on. The beautiful game has some unique attributes that make it particularly fun for betting enthusiasts that want to make soccer picks. Here are some of the key reasons why soccer betting is an enjoyable pastime:

Huge Variety of Bets

Soccer features an incredible diversity of bet types to choose from. While you can simply wager on the match result, bookmakers offer dozens of creative lines. These include bets on goalscorers, number of goals, corners, yellow/red cards, and much more. The variety caters to all styles and allows you to bet on almost every event within a match. This leads to an engaging betting experience.

In-Play Wagering

Soccer’s non-stop action lends itself perfectly to live or in-play betting. You can wager on changing odds as the game unfolds in real-time before your eyes. This exciting format allows you to capitalize on momentum shifts, react to injuries/red cards, and spot early trends. In-play betting brings an element of immediate skill that’s unique to soccer.

Low-Scoring Games

Soccer has relatively fewer goals than sports like basketball and football. The lower scores lead to closer odds and elevated tension throughout matches. One goal can often be the difference between winning and losing a bet. This creates nervous late-game moments and makes for a genuine emotional rollercoaster. The thrill of games coming down to the wire keeps soccer betting fun.

Underdogs Can Win

Even the strongest teams only win about 75% of their games. Upsets are frequent, which levels the playing field for bettors. This gives underdog bets value and keeps every match exciting. One lucky bounce or defensive lapse can swing the outcome regardless of budgets and talent. Soccer’s unpredictability and possibility of upsets make every match must-see.

No Point Spreads

There are no convoluted point spread bets in soccer. You simply pick the winner or bet on the total goals. This straightforward wagering makes soccer betting accessible to beginners. At the same time, it allows experienced gamblers to focus on picking the right side or total or going with soccer computer picks to help them along.. Less confusion means more fun for everyone betting on soccer.

Profitability of Draws

About a quarter of all soccer matches end in a draw. Some leagues see draws in 30-40% of games. This high rate of ties opens up profitable betting opportunities. Draws tend to have favorable odds compared to the risk. Picking draws, especially between evenly-matched sides, can be a savvy bet strategy.

Hedging Bets

Bookmakers offer various ways to hedge your wagers in soccer matches. This allows betting both sides to minimize risk and lock in profits. For example, you can bet the under and your opponent in a game. If you lead 1-0 late, the under hits. This provides flexibility and added fun compared to just picking one side.

Anytime Goalscorers

Soccer offers interesting prop bets like picking anytime goalscorers. You can wager on players to score at literally any point in the match. Waiting to see if your selection finds the net provides intense anticipation and excitement. Celebrating a late goal from your anytime scorer is hugely satisfying.


Combining multiple soccer bets into a parlay can exponentially increase your payout. A small 3-4 leg parlay can turn a few dollars into over $100. Hitting a big parlay provides a rush like few other gambling experiences can match. The potential for a windfall keeps every bet exciting.

24/7 Action

Soccer is played around the clock worldwide. There are professional matches occurring almost any time of day somewhere on Earth. This allows fans to bet on live soccer nonstop if they choose. The constant action makes soccer betting a uniquely lively and accessible experience.

In summary, soccer offers diverse bet types, in-play wagering, close odds, surprise upsets, straightforward wagering, profitable draws, hedge opportunities, goalscorer props, big parlays, and 24/7 action. These qualities make soccer betting interactive, entertaining, and financially rewarding for fans. Mixing the world’s favorite sport with the thrill of gambling creates an unbeatable adrenaline rush. That’s why soccer remains a consistently fun choice for sports bettors across the globe.