Soccer Goal

Behind any decent civilization, past and present, is a soccer like ball. A simple invention enabling countless hours of play. Bringing people together for fun and competition; sacred components of life. 

Anything important becomes monopolized. Sports. Though outside of television and professional gunk are opportunities to play soccer at the community level for adults. Mittleman Jewish Community Center in Portland, OR has a dome for indoor recreational soccer. 

I am a beginner. Only thing that is required is enough people to form a team, and a little cash. The sportsplex “bubble” is an indoor arena that encapsulates the lively spirit of sport. Outside is the somber fall of winter rain on bare trees, and inside is a rowdiness, and energy that I can participate in. By way of yelling! — running, and kicking. 

My physical abilities, beginner or not, are a part of my being. The use of them in horseplay under the guise of soccer creates vivacity out of exertion with the help, and push of other players. The result is a happier, and stronger me. My pale skinny legs could use it–trust me. 

Lights, camera, action–the show is on when the ref’s whistle blows to start the match. Athletic glory and prowess is enacted at the amateur level as well as the professional. Finally, my moment in the limelight–if I could only score a goal. I haven’t scored a goal; it’s the refs fault. 

The game is fast paced. Lungs go out of breath before the mind can comprehend you really have been winded that quickly. Only takes a couple minutes of game time for the flurry of indoor soccer to strain the body. Team sport though, and you aren’t running the gambit alone, so a timely sub keeps the game moving. Socialize through working together in myriads of ways on the pitch. Pass, cross, assist, support…

The rec soccer league easily becomes a weekly ritual. A component of life that we have left up to someone else to fulfill on ESPN. Able bodied men and women should take advantage.