What Celebrities Have The Best Golf Handicaps?

If there’s one thing that celebrities love more than making money, it’s using that money to play a round of golf whenever the mood strikes. Even with hundreds of rounds under their belt, some stars separate themselves from the rest of the pack with better-than-average scores. 

Let’s investigate what celebrities have the best golf handicapsThe higher the handicap, the worse the player, as this number reflects the talent of the golfer compared to everyone else. 

Larry David

Seinfeld co-creator Larry David loves the game of golf, and many episodes of his other smash hit, Curb Your Enthusiasm, feature scenes on the links. Nevertheless, David’s golf game is not always pretty, but it’s still pretty good compared to other celebrities. 

David’s handicap is barely under 20, which is still respectable in the grand scheme of the game. Maybe Mr. Takahashi’s black swan has a curse over the legendary comedian. Perhaps David can use that Seinfeldsyndication money to invest in a golf simulator.

Kevin Costner

When he portrayed golfer Roy McAvoy in the film Tin Cup, it seemed like Kevin Costner’s golf game was solid, but his nearly 12-stroke handicap dictates that the ending of multiple water shots is accurate. As of yet, no data is available to see how fast Costner throws a fastball compared to his character Billy Chappell in For the Love of the Game

Justin Timberlake

It must feel good to wake up every day knowing you have a successful music career spanning multiple decades, have starred in several films, and are married to Jessica Biel. Adding being a scratch golfer to that list seems overkill on living the good life, but that’s what Justin Timberlake is doing. The former Mouseketeer turned international superstar has a handicap of 1.0. 

Steph Curry

The two-time NBA MVP and four-time champion Stephen Curry revolutionized the game of basketball with his sharpshooting prowess beyond the free throw line. Curry could put any shot in the basket anywhere on the court, but to do the same thing on the golf course is impressive.

Curry’s handicap is 0.1, which is approximately the same percentage as LeBron James winning another championship in his career if he stays on the Lakers.

Michael Jordan

The greatest basketball player ever may have turned his trademark high-tops in for baseball cleats for a short time in the mid-90s, but Michael “Air” Jordan would have been better suited if they were golf spikes. 

To say Jordan loves golf would be understating the definition of love. In the middle of his sixth and final championship run with the historic Chicago Bulls squad, he proclaimed that golf was his true passion. It’s unclear if the gambling aspect of the sport is the reason behind that passion. 

Tony Romo 

When he’s not calling plays in the broadcast booth, Tony Romo is doing things on the golf course that some pros cannot. Romo’s handicap is +0.3, which means he isn’t a stranger to low numbers on the course, whereas he was a stranger to playoff victories during his time in the NFL. 

Next time there’s a ProAm event, you can watch the celebrities with the best golf handicaps and see if the subsequent reports are fact or fiction.