Has Your Junior Golfer Tried The Children’s Course in Portland?

Your son or daughter has expressed interest in trying golf. You found them a great set of junior clubs and took them out to the driving range, but now they want to try and play a few holes. Where do you take them? You could call your local public course and make a tee time, but is this the best place for them to learn to play? Are they ready for a full-length course? Will the course be “junior friendly”?

Many parents struggle to find the right answers to these questions. You want your child to enjoy the game in an environment that is designed to support them. Good news – we know just the spot!

The Children’s Course is the Answer!

Visit their website and you will see their mission – “The place where every child is provided the opportunity to pursue a pathway to personal success through building a strong mind and learning lessons for life through the game of golf.” Sounds perfect, right?

The Children’s Course has everything your junior golfer needs to be successful. A fun 9-hole golf course that is the appropriate length for your aspiring young player. Your child can enjoy a round for only $6! Would you like to schedule a lesson? Contact their learning center to learn about individual lessons, learn in a group, or join a camp experience. These are all great options, but we recommend you try a group lesson or a multi-day camp. Your child will have more fun learning with other junior golfers.

Your Junior Golfer Can Continue to Grow at The Children’s Course

As your child falls in love with the game of golf and improves, they can continue to grow at The Children’s Course. First, they can get involved in the First Tee program. This is a national program designed to help your child learn valuable life skills through the game of golf. This includes 9 core values (Honesty, Integrity, Sportsmanship, Respect, Confidence, Responsibility, Perseverance, Courtesy, and, Judgment) and life skills such as goal setting and appreciating diversity.

Is your junior golfer ready to compete? You should get them involved in the PGA Jr. League at the Children’s Couse. This is a fun and low-stress team competition. Teams of 8 to 12 players play matches against other courses in your area. The format works well for all skill levels – two players at a time play captains-choice and compete in 3-hole matches. It is an awesome way to introduce your child to competitive golf. 

As you can see, if you have a junior golfer in your house, the Children’s Course is a must. So many options for your child to learn about the game and participate with friends or other children their age. Give them a call. Make a tee time. Inquire about individual or group lessons. Get your junior golfer involved with the First Tee program or signed up for the PGA Jr. League. You will never regret getting your child started in the game of golf, and they can enjoy playing for the rest of their lives!