Various Categories Of Sports

Sports include all necessary forms of games and competitive activities through organized or casual participation. These physical events aim to maintain, improve, and use physical and mental skills and abilities while having the participant and spectators enjoy and be entertained. There are hundreds of sports exist, from those competitions between single participant to those with players of teams. This number of participants could be arranged in a tournament depending on the governed set of customs or rules that serve as an assurance of fair competition.

Sports are generally recognized as an activity that focuses on physical dexterity and physical athleticism. However, a certain number of competitive and non-physical activities claim to be recognized as the mind sports like chess, bridge, and draught or checkers. With this in mind, the World Sports Encyclopedia has created categories to organize sports according to their mechanics and features; listed below are the most common categories in sports.

The physical sports

Physical sports are activities that focus on the enhancement and usage of one’s physical abilities. The set of rules implemented in this type of competition solely requires the skill and prowess of the participants to defeat other competitors or move equipment like balls and rocket; to know more about these games, visit w88. Moreover, physical sports are also subdivided into other more categories like cycling, climbing, catching games, board sports, bat-and-ball, acro sports, air sports, gymnastics, ice sports, street sports, tag games, aquatic and paddle sports, weightlifting, marker sports, motorized sports, overlapping sports, and equestrian sports.

The mind sports

Unlike the previous type, mind sports focus on the development, strategy, and intelligence of the participants. This competition has a set of rules that requires the intellectual skills and prowess of the people to win. A surrogate could make a move with the use of cards and other playing pieces under the direct control of the participant. However, since mind sports do not require any physical agility or exertion, some of these games are not considered as true sports. Card games like whist, truco, skat, poker, hanafuda, and contract bridge, debating, quizzing, speedcubing, and strategy board games like arimma, backgammon, chess, checkers, and dominoes referred as examples of mind sports.

The e-sports

E-sports are somehow related to mind sports because these games also do not require participants to be physically fit to compete. However, unlike the previously mentioned types, e-sports use today’s technology like laptops, mobile phones, and computers for the game to formally begin. This does not require any land or field, and equipment like a physical ball and rocket. To win these games, participants must have ideas on how to maneuver selected gadgets and must have the skills to move a virtual object or person. Similarly to the Olympics, e-sports also have world-renown games sponsored by big gaming companies and held all over the world. Also, examples of these games are fighting games like Virtua Fighter, Tekken, Super Smash Bros., and Street Fighter, first-person shooter games like Halo and GoldenEye 007, a multiplayer online battle arena like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and real-time strategy games. And to know more examples of these games, visit w88.