Bored Of Sports Currently On TV? Check Out These Sports!

​Hey everyone! It’s me again. So, we all know the sports world is very, oh so very quiet now-a-days. News from the college level is not promising anywhere you look, gyms aren’t open, and other centers of activity are facing equal hardships. For those of us who are active, at least it’s summer now, but even that’s getting complicated, geez! So, hopefully these little top 4 unusual sports will help you find new ways to entertain yourself.

​Here are 4 sports from around the world; hopefully you will Google and YouTube some of them.

​First off, we have a sport that was once reserved only for the military in Japan but is now also played by schools that goes by the name of Bo-Taoshi, which translates to pole topping. What are the rules of this game? First off, you have a poor soul right in the middle of it all that shimmies himself up the pole and sits right at the very top.  He is called the monkey or the ninja.  Now, around him there are 150 other individuals divided into two teams of 75–one tasked to defend the pole and prevent it from being toppled, with the other, well-you guessed it, to bring it down victoriously! In this game you can punch, kick and gouge your opponent. Once it hits 30 degrees of angles, you’ve scored! I’d say it’s one of my favorites when I need a cheer-up. Check it out online.  Like any other sport, they also have multiple positions you can read up on all over the web. Who’s down to start an American league?

​Next up! We go to Indonesia! This one is a bit more spiritual and ceremonial. Called Sepak-Bola-Api, it has the same rules as soccer. The exception is that it’s played only during the month of Ramadan with a coconut left to soak in kerosene for an indeterminate period of time between a few hours to a week. A ceremony occurs prior to the start of the games during that month, which is kept under wraps; sorry I cannot give more details on that aspect. What I can tell you is that prior to the games starting, the players will be rubbed in salts and anti-flammable spices before praying. Played barefoot, this one is going to need some truly tough flippers!

​Netherlands pole vaulter? Yes, that is the sport our Frisian friends perform in. Called Fierljeppen in their language, its roots lie in the fashion that people would cross the landscapes littered with waterways before bridges. Imagine being a kid and being told to grab a stick and get on over to the other side! Fun times! The “polsstock” or pole, ranges anywhere between 8 and 13 meters long. Compare that to an Olympic pole that usually ranges between 3 to 5 meters. Following that, the other thing to change is the body of water they have to cross. Another difference is that the pole has a broad, flat bottom that prevents it from getting stuck in the mud. Unlike Olympic pole vaulters, in this sport, you do not run with the stick but to the stick. As fast as you can, pick up the pole, hope you have enough momentum, shimmy up in the air, and hope the landing works or else it’s going to hurt.  

​Last but not least, let’s go to the U.K where we have the sport of shin-kicking! Who was that bored in time that they eventually became a serial shin kicker? Pushing the act into a sport, for no one knew who he was but, everyone felt it may have been their neighbor or boss. Started in the 1700s, it’s known also as shin-diggings or purring. The rules are simple: hold on to your mate’s collar and kick him in the shins until he drops! That’ll earn you a point. At least in this modern age they are able to stuff their socks with as much straw as they can fit. Back in the days, men wore steel-toe boots and no protection. Serious ouch! Other facts are that the competitors wear white coats and you must shout “enough” to stop it. Have fun being bored!,welcome%20the%20month%20of%20Ramadan.&text=The%20ball%20is%20made%20from,palm%20tree%20soaked%20in%20kerosene,welcome%20the%20month%20of%20Ramadan.&text=The%20ball%20is%20made%20from,palm%20tree%20soaked%20in%20kerosene