Waiting For The Games To Begin!

What a first and second quarter it has been so far, right? What with all this sickness canceling our main events, keeping us from the stadiums and rinks. From the octagon and the courts, where we sit on the sides and cheer for our teams and players. All has gone quiet for sure, today. So, with that said, what can we expect now that some leagues and organizations are or have already brought back their players?

Let’s begin with one of the first to make the move in a new way, the big MMA giant known as the UFC, who has already aired one of its main events on May 9th 2020, number 249, and is currently planning a second one. This one on May 30th in Las Vegas above all. We’re back to the big shows, yes?

Maybe. For the first event, they had to acquire 1,200 tests to preserve the safety and well-being of their fighters. For the next event, even though it seems Dana White may have gotten his wish for now, nothing is certain yet. We’ll keep you updated!

Which brings us to our next theme: what of the NBA?

On March 11th, following the outbreak of the pandemic, they had no other choice but to cancel the season altogether. Yet, now, they are in the talks of what it will take for it to formally happen. According to ESPN, the league will give teams an idea of the guidelines to return by June 1. To do so, they are expecting, and hoping that the Trump administration brings in some aid.

Then, what about the NFL or even the NHL?

All the tackling, shouting, group-singing, drama and screaming matches you can imagine. No, it’s not the UFC but, it’s very close. 

One, the NFL. According to another article published on ESPN, they are experimenting with new ways of bringing the game to the people. It is considering creating new positions within the organization as part of the plan. Sky judge, booth umpire, and senior technology advisor. Another part of it would be constant video feed and communications. Whatever changes will occur for sure, will be decided this May 28th 2020 when they are due to confer and plan over the matter.

Two, the NHL. Nothing much can be said for sure about the NHL as this very Thursday, they will be deliberating and choosing on the matter. Who will come back? How? Most importantly, do we get another Stanley Cup this year? Stay tuned.

Don’t think I forgot you, my cracker-jack and hot-dog loving crowd. Good ol’  American Baseball. Lower salaries, uncertainties and a prolonged state of limbo is what the current state is. Some players may not want to come back. Could we instead receive a strike? Out of all our favorite pastimes, this may be the hardest hit thus far.

Here at home, in the beautiful state of Oregon, Governor Kate Brown continues negotiations to see if sports could be open at a high-school and college levelt. From the OSAA, it seems to be a positive outlook for the fall. On June 1st 2020, certain teams and others will be allowed to head back to training. This is still another work in progress that is currently changing and being updated.

So for now, athletes of Oregon, let’s hope we get back to our gyms, track and centers to sweat it out and get ready for what could be a phenomenal return. 







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