The Best Running Gear You Can Buy

I’ve tried quite a lot of running gear over the past few years. I believe there are three cycles to a runner when it comes to the amount of gear they use.

A new runner just goes out and tries to make it through the run. They may be wearing old shorts and a cotton shirt. Their gear usage is minimal for they are testing the waters.

Next is the step above the beginner. They have found they love the sport and they have convinced themselves that they need cool gear to define them as runners. Or that will, in theory, make them better runners. In my mind, these are the people who buy and use the most running related products.

And finally, the seasoned runner. Back to their roots, they just hit the road. Their clothes are the real deal, and so are their shoes, but they aren’t head-to-toe accessories.

I hit that middle section pretty hard. I convinced myself that I needed certain things to make my run more convenient. Most of those products are stored in a basket in my running wardrobe just gathering dust.

However, there are a few things that I still reach for every time. I’ve tried just about everything on the market. These are items that I rarely leave home without.

Garmin Watch

My Garmin is my favorite running accessory. I know there are people that don’t track their mileage. The ones that state it’s freeing to run without keeping track, but if I am one thing it’s a data nerd. I like knowing how many miles I’ve logged each week, each month, each year. It gives me something to strive to beat.

Adidas Climacool Hats

Adidas makes an amazing hat. The Climacool is a lightweight, sweat resistant fabric that lets the heat from your scalp escape while protecting you from the sun. I have them in two different colors, and if my budget allowed, I would have more.


Sunglasses aren’t just for a sunny day. Even overcast days can be bright. And who wants to have bugs and debris flying into your eyes?

I found a cheap pair on Amazon. They aren’t very fashionable, but the lenses are pretty dark, and they cover the sides of my eyes for ultimate protection and squint prevention.

Under Armour clothing

I am a huge Adidas fan. Like HUGE. But their running apparel does not hold a candle to what Under Armour makes. Their clothes seem to fit me the best and stand up better to the abuse of my sweat than other brands.

All that being said, I only buy from the factory outlet or when there is a sale.

HydraKlick belt

I received this in one of those running subscription boxes and I love it. It’s just a simple neoprene belt with a pouch on the front. Non-runners may call it a fanny pack… but I’m a runner, so it’s not.

It holds my phone, my ID, and my car key in the cozy pouch. And the neoprene keeps everything dry and safe.

I like to wear a belt instead of an arm case because I hate weird tan lines, and I’m already battling the runner’s sock tan.


Camel Pack – if I’m out for 6+ miles I will wear a camel pack. I’ve tried the hip water bottles and the handheld water bottles. They drive me nuts. Camel packs work great and you get to train with extra weight on your back.

Headlamp – these are a tricky item. It’s imperative that you find one that isn’t too heavy. You should also look for one that will swivel up and down so you can aim the beam where you want.

Safety Vest – to be safe on the road, getting into the habit of wearing a safety vest on your run is a great idea. Making yourself as visible as possible could save your life.

They also make safety vests that have flashing lights on them. They aren’t expensive and can be found on Amazon.

Do you have running gear that you don’t leave the house without? Or are you a gear minimalist? I would love to hear what you use, or what you don’t.

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