Shake Up Your Fitness In 2020

Believe it or not, the new year is nearly upon us. We are even venturing into a new decade. How cool is that? Why not celebrate by shaking up your fitness routine in 2020?

You may wonder what types of new activities there are out there to switch up. Well, you are in luck. I have a few suggestions that will help.

Join a Gym – 

Sometimes all you need is the motivation of other people. And while I think that joining a gym as part of a new year’s resolution is a bad idea, if you join a gym because you are committed to a lifestyle change, you may have more success at keeping up with it than most of the resolution makers.

Quit a Gym – 

Or maybe you currently belong to a gym, but you are more of an introvert, and working out in front of other people stresses you out. In that case, buy a kettlebell, a weight bench, or a stationary bike for your house and cancel that gym membership. All you need for a change is the motivation to do so and to stick with it.

Join a Group – 

There are groups out there for everything you could possibly think of. Check Facebook, or a local community center, ask some active friends at work or check at your gym. 

Joining a group helps immensely with motivation and accountability, and starting a new activity with a group of people can be a fun and adventurous experience.

Swim Lessons –

Maybe you have always wanted to swim laps like those other early morning superstars, but you are a poor swimmer (I identify with this, for sure). It could be that all you need are a few refresher lessons and you can be diving in the pool at 5:30 am too.

Classes – 

You could also start a new class. This option also offers many different options: yoga, pilates, spin class, dance, aerobics, strength training, etc. You won’t only learn a new activity, but you will also work different muscle groups than normal and meet new people.

Joining a class may be intimidating at first, but it gets much easier after the first class.

New Race Distance – 

For you runners out there – why not try a new race distance. Or, perhaps a triathlon, a destination race, a relay, or a trail run. There are so many different options for runners.

Regular Massages – 

Maybe you want to focus more on self-care in the new year, and if so, I applaud you. I have a runner friend who runs marathons all over the world, and she insists on regular massages. I think we should all take a lesson from her and focus on repairing the damage we do with a focus on recovering properly.

I hope this helps you keep your fitness fresh next year. I know I will be trying some fun new things in 2020.

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