Nothing But Respect For MY President On President’s Day – NBA All-Star Damian Lillard

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA made a terrible decision not televising the draft for the 2018 All-Star Game. LeBron James and Stephen Curry chose their own teammates—playground style—and yet the league took away what would’ve been one of the most enjoyable moments of the weekend by hiding the order in which players were selected by their respective team captains.

But the league did one thing very, very right.

It got Damian Lillard into the contest. And as most in Rip City could’ve anticipated, he did not disappoint.

On Sunday night, Dame D.O.L.L.A. not only showed up, he showed out. The Portland Trail Blazers point guard dropped a team-high 21 points for Team Steph, as well as a team-high plus-18 in the plus-minus category and a team-high 64.3 percent from the field.

His squad lost to Team LeBron thanks to him not being in the game a clutch defensive stop, and his solid performance will ultimately disappear into the obscure annals of Association history.

But this was a showing to remember for anyone who has a semblance of appreciation for Blazers basketball.

There were contested three-point money balls:

There were drives to the cup:

There were (obviously) logo shots:

Does Lillard deserve to earn “perpetual All-Star” status on this performance alone? Of course not. We’ll have to see what he does year after year to name him a staple in the league’s unofficial midseason festivities.

But what it does show is that this dude can play with the best. His selection wasn’t just about campaigning—as Russell Westbrook may want you to believe—and it proved he can play with the big boys.

With the game officially behind us and Presidents’ Day in full swing, it’s time to recognize who Portland really looks up to.




You bet.