Dominate Fighting Championship To Show Off Some Of The Top NW Talent This Weekend

This weekend, Dominate FC (Dominate Fighting Championship) brings some of the Northwest’s best fighters to Olympia, Washington. Looking to make a big splash in their first event, Dominate FC has six top 10 fighters on their card.

Drew Brokenshire #3 featherweight

Rudy Schaffroth #3 Heavyweight

Joey Elzea #4 Flyweight

Jared Torgeson #1 Heavyweight

Dylan Potter #7 Heavyweight

Elysse Stevenson #10 Flyweight

Drew Brokenshire is set to go to Battle against Charon Spain for Saturday’s Main Event. Drew Brokenshire is the Northwest’s #3 ranked Featherweight. With a win over Eduardo Torres last December, Brokenshire is looking to continue that momentum to capture the 145 lb title.

Originally scheduled to fight against Austin Arnett, plans changed when the UFC called up Arnett on short notice. Brokenshire is an all-around fighter with a great hand and a ground game to match. If he can keep the fight standing up, it should give him a great advantage over Spain. He will definitely have the upper hand in this matchup.

Charon Spain is coming off a win over #9 ranked Justin Harrington. Spain will be looking to continue his win streak as he enters the cage against Drew Brokenshire. Spain has 12 submissions with 3 knockouts so I’ll expect him to try to bring this game to the ground. But with Brokenshire having 7 submissions of his own, I don’t expect an easy submission by either opponent. Spain will definitely have an uphill battle in this fight.

After fighting at Europe’s premier ACB league, Jared Torgeson returns to the Northwest to do battle against heavy hitter Dylan Potter. After a couple of recent loses, Torgeson is looking to stop the slide and pick up a heavyweight title at Dominate FC. Currently with an 18-18 record, experience will definitely be on his side. He has the heavy hands to finish his opponents. With seven of his victories coming from knockouts, he will definitely have to watch out for those hands.

Dylan Potter is starting to put together a good pro record. Currently at 5-3, a win over Jared Torgeson will surely bring him up quite a few spots in the rankings. Doing so well will be no small feat though. This will be one of toughest competitors Potter has faced so far in his career. If he can get Jared Torgeson to the ground, I believe he’ll have a great advantage over him. Four out of five of his victories have been from submission. And with almost half of his losses coming from a submission, I think it’d be wise to pursue this direction.

Also, watch for these great matchups on Saturday:

Eddie Blackburn Vs Dustin Praxedes

Rudy Schaffroth Vs Richard Foster

Joey Elzea Vs Justin Hugo

You can get tickets at: if you get them soon. Some Tickets maybe available at the door at the time of the event.