Make Your Online Gaming Help Others Through The OLG Online Casino

There is a great book written about forty years ago in which the author, M. Scott Peck, talks about play amongst many other things. He says that when we look at little children we see that everything they do is “play”.

We, as adults have learned that all of life cannot be “play”, but it is an undeniable fact that when we’ve finished our work, our chores, and taking care of our kids we, most of all, want to “play”.

Play is in the Eyes of the Player

Play, of course, can be many things; as many things as there are individual people. A large percentage of people like to place a friendly wager on the outcomes of sporting events, card games, slots or roulette spins, and more. We can bet on sports, play card games for money, or any and all types of casino games online, like on sites such as, which is an Online casino Thailand website for legal aged players to use with adaptable gameplay on different devices.

In this report, we’ll discuss how citizens of the great Canadian province of Ontario can gamble online using sites like qq39bet and help their province at the same time.

OLG for All

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission runs an online casino site called the OLG online casino. It offers casino games, lottery, and some sports betting through a beautifully rendered website that is easy to traverse and easy to use.

The big difference between the OLG online casino and any of the thousands of other online casinos is that the OLG online casino is run primarily for the benefit of the people of Ontario and not for the corporate bottom line of any give casino owner.

Just One Moment

A quick aside: There are thousands of online casinos. We don’t recommend any one of them. We do, however, feel that some are run better than others for the benefit of their players as well as their own bottom line. Experience, bonuses, customer service, and safety in banking are just a few parameters you need to research before depositing at any online casino.

Win Less for a Good Cause

OLG online casino is quite open about returning less to players in winnings so that more of the monies wagered can be used to support provincial charities as well as the provincial government. They do that in three ways. First, they allow fewer wins by by setting the Random Number Generator to create wins at a lower rate than the average online casino. Second, they offer a much smaller Welcome Package than those offered by non-governmental online casinos and third, by offering fewer bonuses throughout play.

Payout rates at OLG are about 65% whereas in most other online casinos it stands at about 95%.

The money that is not returned directly to players is funneled into many good causes throughout Ontario. Many hundreds of millions of dollar are thus sent to hospitals and clinics, educational initiatives, amateur athletic programs, and any other local charity that applies for support and is accepted.


OLG also takes its responsibility to prevent and treat problem gambling. Millions of dollars go to programs under the combined aegis of the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care and OLG.

Many Great Games

OLG online casinos offers many excellent games including about 80 slots and a fine selection of table games such as poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, plus video poker and others. The casino offers tutorials on all their games and you can play for free until you feel ready to play for real money.

Good Promotions

OLG online casino offers several promotions including birthday bonuses. The big promotion going on this winter, and winter is a cultural event in Ontario, is the Winter Getaway where you can win a vacation during the cold times. Ontario may be cold and its citizens may revel in ice and snow but it’s always good to get away for a short time, too! The big promotion has a large number of smaller prizes as well

Your Money is Safe

Banking at OLG online casino is safe and secure. Al transactions are fully protected by encryption systems equal to those used by big online financial companies. Depositing is through credit or debit card or Interac.

Serving the Customer is a High Priority

The support centre is open 24/7 and can be reached by chat, telephone, or email.

The entire site at OLG online casino is well done, easy to navigate, and loaded with important information in addition to the games themselves.