How Do Online Casino Bonuses Differ From Free Bets?

Both sports betting and casino gambling industries have grown massively in the last few years with the introduction to the online community. Together, both the online casino industry and the online sports betting sector have generated billions of dollars for the gambling industry in general with an estimated worth of approximates $54 billion in 2019. 

Sports betting and casino gambling, while completely different in concept, are both forms of gambling that offer a variety of ways and games to bet on. Some casino gamblers may occasionally choose to bet on the odd sport here or there, while a few sports bettors may find some entertainment in a quick game at the casino. If you are one of those gamblers looking for the next online casino to try out, Japan-101 recommends one of these. If you are looking to find the difference between free bets and casino bonuses, here are a few of the differences. 

What is a free bet and how do they work?

Free bets are rooted within the world of sports betting and will not be a term that is often heard of when gambling at an online casino. Much like casino welcome bonuses, a free bet of the offer of free money from a site towards a specific sport or sport game, as its name describes. The idea of free bets is a way to encourage new people to sign up and create account with specific sites. 

Everyone loves a bit of free money, and this is a great way for bettors to get used to the game without having to spend much money of their own. There are, however, both positives and negative that come along with this kind of free bet money. Obviously you can only spend this free money on sports that are listed on their website but that’s a given. On top of this, most free bets are only available to bettor once they have deposited a minimum amount of their own money into their account. Once you have this money, you may not be inclined to make informed bets because it is not your own and some might feel that it doesn’t matter too much if they lose the money. 

Free spins

A bonus offered exclusively to existing players at an online casino, free spins are a way for casinos to retained their customer base and keep players interested and wanting to come back. Recently, some casinos have also been offering this bonus to potential new player as incentive to sign up to their casino and start gambling there instead of at another one. 

One can assume correctly by the name free spins that a free spin is a cost free spin on a slot game. Typically, online casinos will choose one specific slot where these free spins can be played. While it’s great that players are given the opportunity to play something for free, if you are looking to make some money, these free spins on specific slot won’t be the way to go about it.

No deposit bonus

When signing up to a casino or looking around for the right casino, you may notice that they all have welcome bonuses to offer to all new players who sign up to their casino and make an account with them. The best kind of welcome bonus a casino can offer a player is a no-deposit bonus, as this require no money from the player to be deposited into their account before they can receive said bonus. 

Although the no-deposit bonuses don’t require you to put in any money to claim them, you will most likely have to meet some kind of wagering requirement in a certain time limit before you will be able to cash out.