Russell Westbrook And The All-Star Game

There have been a lot of interesting stories from the NBA this week, but the highlight of them all is definitely the story of Russell Westbrook. The Oklahoma City Thunder point guard is currently one of the hottest players in the NBA, scoring a stunning triple double as we get closer to this year’s All-Star Game.

This is an incredible feat, especially since the only other player to ever achieve such record in a season is Oscar Robertson, who played amazingly in the 1961-62 season. Westbrook is clearly an accomplished player, but there’s a kicker in his story: he’s not starting for the Western Conference in the All-Star Game.

Westbrook’s All-Star Position

The All-Star Game starters are all voted by fans, even though players and coaches are allowed to cast their own votes. Despite his accomplishment this season, Westbrook didn’t manage to hit the starting roster of the All-Star Game. Fans placed Westbrook in third place out of the Western Conference guards, which means he will have to remain in the reserve.

On the other hand, the media and other players all ranked him first. There is no doubt that the triple double he achieved this season is impressive, especially considering his young age and past achievements. NBA head coaches, whose task is to make an All-Star reserves, added Westbrook to the reserves list. This brings us to the next part of the story.

Westbrook and Kevin Durant

While Westbrook didn’t manage to start in the All-Star Game, his main rival, Kevin Durant, did. Durant will be playing alongside Stephen Curry, Anthony Davis, James Harden and Kawhi Leonard, representing the Western Conference in the game.

The fact that Westbrook and Durant are on the same side is interesting on its own. The two used to be a stunning duo for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Durant and Westbrook played beautifully together, that is until Durant decided to leave for Golden State Warriors over money.

Those of you who love basketball betting and have reviewed sites like Bookmaker Ratings for bookie reviews and betting tips will know that the betting market goes ablaze whenever the two face each other. In fact, on the last encounter between the Warriors and Thunder, Durant and Westbrook were caught in a tense moment during a timeout.

Will they be able to work together should Westbrook be called for the All-Star Game? Only time will tell. If they can put their differences aside, we may be treated to a nostalgic show of performance the way the two played for the Oklahoma City Thunder. That would be nothing short of magical.

Someone to Steal the Show

The media and fans across the country are looking forward to the Durant-Westbrook showdown. It is among the hottest news from the All-Star Game. However, Westbrook is not really upset about not starting for the Western Conference team.

“That’s the nature of the business, the game. I just play. I don’t play for All-Star bids. I play to win championships, and every night I compete at a high level, and it’ll work out,” Westbrook said in a recent interview with CNN.

On the other side of the field, we have Antetokounmpo, a first-timer who will be playing for the Eastern Conference team. The Milwaukee Bucks player has been stealing the shop in recent matches. He’s the one to watch should the expected Durant-Westbrook showdown not happen as anticipated.

Why? Because Giannis Antetokounmpo stands the most chance of winning the MVP trophy if he performs as well as anticipated. Westbrook won the last two MVP titles and the West won the All-Star games. Can Antetokounmpo steal the show and bring victory to the Eastern Conference while grabbing the MVP title? Stay tuned here on Oregon Sports News for more!