Why Every Running Group Should Have A Holiday Run Party

My running group had a group run followed by a Christmas party this weekend, and it was a must for any group.

The party wasn’t my idea, and I feel a little embarrassed that as the group leader I didn’t think of it. I am so grateful for the group member who had the idea and went to all of the work of organizing and hosting.

The holiday run party was fun and a delightful change from the normal group run.

We started with a group run in the woods, which included three adorable dogs (one of them is my puppy who has just recently started running with me). What better way to start a running holiday party than with miles with two and four-legged friends with no traffic around?

After our run, we dined on a delicious potluck dinner and enjoyed the wonderful and often hilarious conversation.

And then there were presents! We did a White Elephant gift exchange of running-related gifts. Our conversation continued and included all kinds of topics that runners love to talk about like steroid shots, poop, knee pain – you get the idea.

You don’t need much to have a successful running holiday party. All you need is:

·      A few runners

·      A group run of any distance

·      An array of foods as simple or complex as desired

·      A gift exchange (optional) – this can be purchased gifts, regifted gifts, or hand-me-downs

Just like running, the holiday party is nothing fancy – but it is fun and makes you feel great afterward.

The running group holiday party shouldn’t break the bank. It is simply a get-together with your running tribe to express to them how thankful you are for their support and love.

So why not get together with your running tribe? I realize there are so many different parties and gift exchanges most of us are forced to participate in during the holiday season, but I promise you, the running holiday party will be one that you will truly enjoy.

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