Where To Buy The Right Running Shoes

For some of us, finding the right running shoes is a challenge. Then there are the lucky SOB’s that can run in just about anything. I am not one of the lucky ones, so finding shoes that I like takes a lot of research, testing, and cost.

So what are the best shopping options for a runner with finicky feet, hips, knees? If you love your sport, sometimes you have to drive far, and spend a lot to make your feet happy.

Running Store –

They will normally analyze your gait by asking you to run on a treadmill. Make sure they have you run and not just walk. Running is completely different from walking. I walk normally but overpronate while running.

The staff at running stores are very knowledgeable and can answer any questions you have about the shoes in stock, and they have a large selection of running specific shoes.

There are two drawbacks to the running store. One, the shoes are expensive – be prepared to spend a lot of money. And two, they can be intimidating for new runners.

Athletic/Department Store

If you feel too timid to enter a running store, and you would rather save a little money you can try an athletic or department store. You will be mostly on your own in choosing a shoe unless you luck out and your salesperson runs.

Discount/Outlet Store

I like shopping the Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour outlet malls. They usually have some good discounted products.

If your favorite brand discontinued your go-to model, you may be able to snag an extra pair or two from the outlet store.


I have had great experiences shopping online for running shoes. But there are two really important factors to know before you buy. You should know the model you want, and you should know what size you know in that particular brand. If you know that Nike’s run small you can be prepared and step it up half a size from what you normally purchase. When in doubt, read reviews to see what other customers have said.

Also, make sure you read the specifications on the shoes before you buy. Look at the heal drop, the weight, and whether they have stability control or if they are a neutral shoe.

I hope this helps in the sometimes overly complicated task of buying a running shoe. If you have had luck buying from alternative locations, I would love to hear!

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