What Equipment Do You Need For Night Fishing?

Night fishing isn’t as simple as casting a line in the dark; there are tried-and-true techniques and gear that will help you catch a winner. Read on to find out what night fishing equipment you need to get a bite.

Sensitive Lines

Even with lights, visibility will naturally be lower at night. Investing in ultra-sensitive fishing lines and rods will help alert you when you’ve got a bite. You’ll increase your reaction time even without being able to see your line in the dark. 

Be sure to set up your rig before you take your trip out on the water. Tying knots in low light leads to unnecessary frustration and detracts from the enjoyment of your evening. 

Dark Lures

Why would you want to use dark lures at night instead of brightly colored ones that catch the eye? In dark water, bright colors become muddled and grey very quickly. Using a dark lure helps your bait stand out against the night sky by creating a silhouette. 

Darker Clothing

To avoid spooking the fish, go for dark clothing in addition to your dark lures. This will offer you some camouflage and also ends up attracting fewer insects that are active at night. Nighttime on the water is a recipe for chills, so layer up. We recommend long sleeves for further insect protection.


You can’t rely on the moon to light your night, so you’ll have to invest in some additional lighting. Before making any purchases, ensure that the light you want adheres to your state guidelines for lighting setups. The right light (and the right amount of light) will attract fish to your boat and make for an easier catch.

Now that you know what equipment you need for night fishing, stock up and get out on the water. With the right setup, you’ll be reeling in the fish in no time.