Ways Athletes Can Keep Fit During COVID-19

We’ve been dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic for nearly a year now, and in that time, many sports have been put on hold, as teams getting together has proven too risky and would endanger the players. If you’re an athlete, this sudden absence of routine may have left you a sedentary cycle. Here are some ways athletes can keep fit during COVID-19 so you’re in fighting shape when it’s safe to get back into sports.

Build a Home Gym

Going to the gym isn’t viable during quarantine, and exercising outside is difficult during the winter months between the cold weather, snow, and ice. To remedy these issues, it’s strongly recommended you consider building your own home gym. A home gym doesn’t have to be a massive expense in the pursuit of mimicking public gyms. Machines like functional trainers are versatile and can effectively work out your entire body. If space is an issue, accessories such as dumbbells or resistance bands are ideal.

Adjust Your Diet

As you find new ways to work out at home, you’ll want to adjust your diet to supplement your new workout. You may have already had a diet planned out for your sport, but you may need to alter it to make it work with your at-home routine. Tailor your diet depending on your goals such as building muscle or working off any pandemic pounds you’ve put on.

Take Time for Recovery

Alternatively, maybe you don’t need a new fitness routine or diet. Instead, taking this downtime for recovery is one of the great ways athletes can keep fit during COVID-19. If you were having issues with aches, pains, or other problems during the season, now is a great time to address them. You’ve got plenty of time to rest and recover your strength so that your body is refreshed and at its best for when you return to the field.

Connect With Your Team

Keep in close contact with your teammates. Not only does this stave off the feeling of isolation during quarantine, but your teammates are a valuable resource. As teammates, you can provide each other with support and motivation to keep yourselves in shape by holding each other accountable for taking care of yourselves and keeping up with your healthy habits.