Top Landing Spots For New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady In 2020 NFL Free Agency

As we near closer to NFL free agency, we will witness a player hit free agency we have never seen before: the legendary Tom Brady. 

This bit of information is a complete shocker because we have all known New England to be a Super Bowl contender each year, and that’s because of the tandem of Brady and Belichick.  It would be awesome to see Brady play his entire career in one jersey, which not a lot of players can say they have. I believe that there is the possibility of five locations Brady will call home next season.

The first location is the Las Vegas Raiders, as there have been multiple reports saying Brady could be a Raider next season. Brady has a storied history with the Raiders, with one of the most notorious calls in NFL history that shaped one dynasty and stopped another in the “Tuck Rule Game.”  If this falls through and the Raiders get Brady, they will become an instant contender.

The second location is the Tennessee Titans, who just took down the Patriots in the playoffs. Brady has a strong connection in Tennessee in Mike Vrabel, who was a teammate of Brady’s during New England’s first three Super Bowls. Tennessee would be an excellent location for Brady because he will have a phenomenal running back, Derrick Henry, who will take a considerable load off Brady’s shoulders.

The third location is the Dallas Cowboys, which may come as a shocker to a few, but it makes sense since the Cowboys and Dak Prescott seem to be far apart in negotiations. The Cowboys have some of the best weapons to put around Brady, with an electric running back in Ezekiel Elliot, the possibility of retaining Amari Cooper, and the best offensive line in the NFL. It also helps the Cowboys finally got rid of Jason Garrett, who the Cowboys should’ve fired a while ago. If the Cowboys get Brady, they will make the playoffs and not have another late-season collapse.

The fourth location is the LA Chargers. This one is tough because the Chargers just got rid of their aging quarterback in Phillip Rivers and may want to stay away from age. Winning the Brady sweepstakes would be the perfect situation for LA because, if the Chargers draft a quarterback, Brady would be a great fit for being the man until their quarterback of the future is ready. I think the possibility of Brady joining the Chargers is a long shot, but where there’s a will, there is a way.

Lastly, we have the New England Patriots, who will try their hardest to make sure Brady doesn’t leave. New England will always have a place in Brady’s heart and vice versa. I think this will be a reach because, from reports from earlier this week, the call between Brady and Belichick didn’t go so well. One of the significant reasons Brady could leave New England was Belichick wanting to keep Jimmy Garoppolo instead of Tom Brady. Patriots fans, it might be time to start cheering for a new quarterback because I think I hear the fat lady warming up her voice on the horizon and she is ready to sing.

My final verdict is Brady’s time is done in New England and will become a Tennessee Titan. Will Tennessee win the Super Bowl next year? Who knows, but it will make for an intriguing season.