Tips On How To Improve Your Skills In Skiing

Skiing is a well-loved sport enjoyed by both the young and old, however it does require training and practice. Before you hit the slopes on your next ski trip, there are tried and tested tips that are proven to improve your experience and help develop crucial skills while on the slopes. Regardless of your preferred slope, be it in Canada, the Swiss Alps or in France, you could look for a highly rated  Courchevel Ski School. You will get expert advice and training that will make you an all-around better skier.  

Invest in the right gear

Comfort and safety are crucial when you are exposed to the elements, especially the cold weather in the mountains. If you do not wear the proper clothing, you could get injured or get sick. Choosing the right ski is equally challenging since with an overwhelming amount of options available, you need to begin by deciding on the type of terrain you want to ski in.

A popular choice for skiers of all skill levels is carving up off-piste and piste slopes. If you are among the many who love to ski in this type of terrain, buy a ski with an adequate side cut perfect for carving, but at the same time has a wider underfoot so that you can easily float on the snow. 

Increase your endurance and stay fit

Skiing is an excellent lower body workout and interval training exercise. Skiing in the mountains will expose you to low temperatures and high altitudes which means that you need to be on a certain fitness level to enjoy skiing and push your skill to the next level. 

Before going on your ski tip, try to get some workout at the gym and focus on your core strength. It also helps to work on your flexibility and leg strength. 

Learn from professionals

Much has changed in ski technique and equipment within the last two decades. Many professional skiers experiment with styles while there are some that stick to the tried and tested tricks. If you want to be a better skier, you can watch how professionals do it and adapt what you feel best suits your skills. Freestyle skiing is often the most exciting to watch and the Winter Olympics also provide an excellent avenue for picking up new tricks you can practice on your next ski trip. 

Have someone take video of you while skiing

A real-time video can reveal flaws about your technique which can help you adjust and improve, as it’s helpful to gain a detailed understanding of how you perform certain movements. Sometimes even when you think you are already doing enough, a video can show mistakes in your posture and angles.

You can analyse a video of your skiing skills with fellow enthusiasts or with the help of an instructor so that you can pinpoint areas for improvement and take concrete actions to adjust and develop your skills. A video can also help an instructor determine the best course for you to consider if you are planning to push your skiing to the next level.