Helpful Tips For What To Wear While Skiing

Skiing is an excellent sport for outdoor winter exercise. Whether in Colorado or your favorite spot locally, you can have tons of fun. And there is one thing these locations all have in common: the cold. Skiing and cold air go hand in hand, so you’ll need to dress properly to stay on the slopes. These helpful tips for what to wear while skiing will help you have a great day.

What To Wear While Skiing

  1. Base layer: Invest in some long underwear meant for sports. Wool or cotton underwear isn’t ideal. Your long underwear should wick sweat and dry quickly. It should also be breathable.
  2. Mid-layer: The mid-layer is worn over the base layer and under your ski jacket. Mid-layers are typically long-sleeve shirts and light jackets or even sports t-shirts. Standard fabrics include polyester, merino wool, and fleece.
  3. Ski jacket: Your ski jacket helps you stay warm, comfortable, and dry. It blocks the wind and keeps out the snow. You’ll want to buy a well-fitting, waterproof jacket. Some people like insulated jackets for maximum warmth; some want mobility in a lightweight jacket. Just make sure the coat is long enough to cover your torso.
  4. Ski pants: Ski pants should be waterproof, long enough to fit over boots, and insulated. You want your pants loose enough so you can bend your hips and knees. Bibs are ideal for kids because they extend long enough to keep out almost all snow.
  5. Ski gloves: You get what you pay for. Invest in a quality pair of ski gloves, not cheap department store gloves. Look for a pair designed for skiing. Although ski gloves offer the most agility, ski mittens are the warmest choice.
  6. Ski helmet: A ski helmet is an absolute necessity. There’s no reason not to wear one, and they are proven to reduce injury. Ski helmets are more affordable than ever and easy to find at any ski shop.
  7. Ski goggles: You may not realize it, but the sun is powerful on the top of the mountain and even just in the blinding snow. A good pair of ski goggles will prevent your eyes from drying out on the slopes. Invest in a quality pair for better eye protection and visibility.

While there are many elements to a skiing outfit, knowing what to wear is the difference between a short day on the slopes and a full day. Follow these helpful tips for what to wear while skiing and you can’t go wrong.