Portland Thorns

As Important Now As Ever – Gwendolyn Oxenham’s Under The Lights And In The Dark: Untold Stories Of Women’s Soccer

With the Women’s World Cup squarely in the rear view mirror, and the Portland Thorns solidly in first place fresh off a resounding 5-0 thrashing of the Houston Dash, I’ve been wondering, and discussing among […]

Portland Timbers

The Imperialization Of Soccer

We live in an interesting time for a thousand reasons, large and small. Everywhere you look things are changing, and developing and evolving for better or for worse. Growth is nearly always the goal of […]

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Soccer Goal

Behind any decent civilization, past and present, is a soccer like ball. A simple invention enabling countless hours of play. Bringing people together for fun and competition; sacred components of life.  Anything important becomes monopolized. […]