Sports In Europe Compared To American Sports

Are you a fan of the European soccer or the American basketball? Both the continents have different formats of sports structure, the way they are organized and even played. In fact, the attitude of the fans differ as well. Have a look at their differences.

When it comes to the lifestyles and interests between the two continents, Europe and America, they greatly differ from each other. Perhaps the biggest different on the culture of the both the continents is their take on the sports, whether it is the organization of the games, the viewership and the fan following. If you want to know the distinction between the American and the European sports, click here and get the details.

The popularity of the different sports enjoyed in both the continents

We all know that in Europe soccer or football is the king of all sports. Sports like hockey and cricket are recognized regionally, but it is football that is played by every European nation. There are countless numbers of professional clubs and teams take part in the soccer tournaments and leagues every year. Basketball, baseball and football are the most popular American sports enjoyed. Hockey and golf are also watched by million others. In fact, the high school and college sports tournaments also remain a very important part of the American sports entertainment.

The concepts Leagues in European nations

The league matches that are held in Europe and America differs in the way they are organized, advertised and broadcasted. When it is about the European sports, especially football, the formats followed in the leagues is quite straightforward in nature. The format lays 0 for loss, 1 point for a tie and 3 points for a win (popularly called the 3-1-0 format). The team with the maximum points is the champion, while the runner ups qualify for the next season or tournament.

League format practiced in America

The whole concept is totally different when it is concerned with the American sports. Ties are a total displeasure in the American sports and hence the concept of overtime is practiced in certain sports like hockey. The format of 3-1-0 point system is not followed for all the games. In order to make things interesting, NHLl follows the 2 point for the matches won. The American sports don’t consider anyone less and hence rewards the team that finishes last as a gesture of encouragement.

The difference in the attitude of the fans

There is a very big gap in the culture and the mentality of the fans of Europe and America, especially in the stadiums and outside the arenas as well. Passion is at the forefront in the European sports culture and fans are found to be singing and dancing while the game is live. This whole brings in a very different aura and an incredible ambience that simply cannot be put on words. The American sports culture in respect to the attitude of the fans is quite the opposite. It is often considered as boring and docile. The European fans also have the bad reputation of creating violence and hooligan ism outside the stadiums, which are hardly found among the American fans.

There is always a debate between the supremacy of the sports played and enjoyed in one continent over the other. But in reality neither of them is superior or better. It is just that the sports are structured differently.