Portland’s Best Brewpubs

Portland may be the best city in America for authentic craft beer and food experiences. But with so many spots in the PDX to choose from, a little advanced research goes a long way. Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered on the homework front. Here’s a list of ten off-the-beaten-path options, with breakout details below on the best of the best, both beer and food wise.  

The Short List

·       Great Notion

·       Labrewatory

·       Breakside

·       Von Ebert

·       Hair Of The Dog

·       Culmination

·       Gigantic

·       Baerlic

·       Threshold

·       Assembly

The Lowdown on Stand-Outs

Located in the Alberta Arts District, Great Notion Brewing fuels its funky sours with brettanomyces and lactobacillus cultures. But they don’t stop there. Some beers are fruit mashups, like the Second Pressing: Pinot Noir, which involves beer barrel aged on second-use pinot noir grapes from the nearby Willamette Valley. The taproom atmosphere couldn’t be more PNW: exposed wood, a sliding garage door, and a mural of a certain fictional woodland creature drinking a can of craft beer. As for food selections, think thoughtful small plates such as togarashi-spiked shrimp chips and pork-belly poutine.

One of the hottest Portland breweries for locals in the know, Von Ebert has Pacific Northwest written all over it. Situated in the historic Pearl District, Von Ebert brews over one-hundred beers throughout the year with a tap list that changes almost daily. Accompanying food offerings couldn’t be more unique and eclectic, with options such as elote (Mexican street food corn), chicharrones, and Korean-style chicken wings.

If traditional craft beers and food choices are more your speed, check out Assembly Brewing in up-and-coming Southeast Portland. Assembly focuses on beers like porters, stouts, IPAs, and pale ales. They pair their beers with the having-a-moment, Detroit-style pizza, which includes their signature “what up dough” crust.

And if brewer monogamy is not your thing but huge tap lists are, then Loyal Legion Oregon Beer Hall might be the move. Housed in an historic space once home to the Odd Fellows, Loyal Legion has 99 taps pouring only-from-Oregon microbreweries. Food is amply beer friendly, with Olympia Provisions sausages served either in a bowl with greens, European style in broth with potatoes, or on a plate with—you guessed it—potatoes.

This list is just a jumping-off point. The Portland beer scene is ever changing and expanding. You could do worse than to hop on a bike, scooter, or Max train and jet out to a funky neighborhood you’ve never been to before. You’re almost certain to come across a hole-in-the-wall taproom or three. And that right there is the beauty of the PDX.

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