PAC-12 – Can You Get Enough Of The Simple Rating System?


I’m a fan of the Simple Rating System for all sports. It’s a calculation that considers strength of schedule and scoring differential, giving us a number that is predictive of future performance.

The PAC-12 sets up for a crazy weekend, and because we’re entering week 5, we have enough data to help inform us on PAC-12 team performance this weekend. SRS isn’t perfect, and I won’t just be subtracting numbers from each other and jam a number through, but… Yeah that’s right, I’m predicting near straight chalk by SRS.

Away Home      
UCLA COL      
7.24 23.23      
16.85 23.26   2 UW
31.8 36.31   4 ASU
26.79 27.14   6 COL
9.26 23.79   8 UO
UO CAL   9 UoA
21.14 24.61   10 UTAH
USC UoA   11 OSU
22.81 19.4   12 UCLA

*red signifies my winner

A team like Oregon State doesn’t have much of a chance at winning against their opponents this weekend. Their coach and team are young and traveling to Arizona State always proves to be a daunting task. There is room for upset however. Against the University of Washington, ASU got lucky and pounced on the dawgs when the game opened up with them picking off a terribly played call. Because of that play, I think ASU snuck in an extra touchdown than they were actually worth in the game. The team was two touchdown underdogs against the UW and I think the pregame spread was relatively accurate in that regard. Don’t expect the same gift in a basket from Oregon State, and if the Beavers can break out offensively, they can make the game close.

The University of Washington, however, have a pretty great gift in theirbasket this weekend. They’ll get an easy win against a team that is severelyoverrated by their strength of schedule. UW will win and look great doing it against an – in actuality – underwhelming football team. This game could assuage some of the hurt from the Auburn game. A blowout here would do wonders from the Dawgs in front of the Playoff Committee.

The Ducks have an under-ratedely tough game against the California Golden Bears. Oregon is coming off of a tough loss at home and have to travel on the road to try and rebound. Cal is hoping to get engine rolling on a break out year, rolling off three wins to start their season. Per the strength of schedule, Oregon’s has looked pretty weak, a bit more so than Cal’s. While it’ll end up being somewhat close by the end of it, don’t be surprised to watch the Bears posterize the Ducks.

Washington State hosts a Utah team coming off of a break. After facing a tough UW team, Utah couldn’t take advantage of any lucky break their way and are looking to put the pressure on the WSU Cougars. While Utah isn’t afraid of playing aggressively, look for Gardner Minshew and Mike Leach throw over the defense. Quarterback Minshew has been somewhat of a perfect match for the Leach air raid system, and there aren’t any signs for slowing. If Utah can morph itself into a decently sized speed bump, they’ll be able to control the ball with their running game and steal a win. Otherwise, the Cougs will get it this week.


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