OSN March Madness Running Diary – 3/15

Oregon Sports News Senior Writer Abe Asher will provide live commentary on the 1st and 2nd rounds of March Madness. Check back here often.

9:04 PM: With the Gators and Wolverines cruising, that’s it for day one. Pretty, pretty entertaining. We’ll be back tomorrow morning.

8:57 PM: Florida pouring it on against St. Bonaventure, up 19, while Michigan is now up double-digits on Montana at 40-30.

8:51 PM: Well this explains it.

8:48 PM: The final score in Boise: Buffalo Bulls 89, Arizona Wildcats 68. That’s a stunner.

8:45 PM: With this total collapse by Arizona, the Pac 12 is out of the tournament at the end of the first day having seen its teams go 0-3 against St. Bonaventure, a 13-loss Syracuse team, and Buffalo.

8:37 PM: Justin Robinson commits an offensive foul and fouls out, likely extinguishing the Hokies’ outside hopes. Buffalo, meanwhile, is boat-racing Arizona. It’s 79-60 and one of the biggest blowouts of the day.

8:33 PM: “Robinson, tripping, fading, FOULED, by Alabama.” Hokies need points and stops, they’re down 78-72 with under a minute to play.

8:31 PM: John Petty drills a deep, contested three. The shot-making for Alabama has been… aggravating.

8:29 PM: “INSIDE THEY GO – HO! – ROCKING THE RIM!” Told you Harlan was going to be at DEFCON 4 for this finish. 72-70 Tide.

8:27 PM: Virginia Tech on a little bit of a run, they’ve pulled it to 70-68 and now Avery Johnson takes timeout with just over three minutes left.

8:23 PM: Bama leads 70-66 with four minutes to play while Buffalo is throttling Arizona at 70-58.

8:20 PM: Buffalo leads 65-55 with eleven minutes to play, the only explanation for why Sean Miller hasn’t sweated through his shirt is that he’s dead inside.


8:16 PM: Buzz takes timeout with ‘Bama up four and his team struggling at the offensive end. Six minutes and change to play.

8:11 PM: Buffalo is playing with some fire! They lead 58-52 and have guys throwing themselves after loose balls. Arizona is in a real fight.

8:10 PM: The athleticism of Alabama is something. They lead by one, Florida is up by five at the half, Michigan is pulling away from Montana, and Buffalo is up four on Arizona.

8:06 PM: “Don’t miss the premiere everyone will be talking about,” Harlan says. TNT perhaps a touch optimistic about the reach of their show Animal Kingdom.

8:05 PM: Bama-Va Tech is high octane. 59-59 with ten minutes to play.

8:01 PM: We have two tie games, a one-point game, and a two-point game right now. Buffalo has started the second half strong and leads Arizona by three as Sean Miller takes time.

7:59 PM: Steve Lavin just referenced The Egyptian, a movie made in 1954. The late games are taking their toll.

7:58 PM: 8-0 run for Alabama, who leads 55-52. Tide going for the highest degree of difficulty win possible, given their foul situation.

7:55 PM: St. Bonaventure has gotten a foothold in their game against Florida, as the Gators have missed eleven straight field goals. Tie game at the under four timeout.

7:50 PM: Alabama has put Virginia Tech in the bonus for the last fifteen minutes of the second half. Now that is a BOLD strategy. It’s 52-50 Hokies right now.

7:49 PM: Nessler says that the Wolverines are getting “pushed around” by Montana. The Griz lead 17-10 with under ten to play in the first half.

7:42 PM: Alabama has committed six team fouls in the first three-and-a-half minutes of the first half.


7:41 PM: Let me tell you that an Alabama player just took off from the free throw line and slammed so hard into a Hokie defender that the officials just stood and look at each other for a solid second and a half before calling an offensive foul.

7:39 PM: Michigan is on the board, that game is 10-5 Montana while Florida has raced out to a 20-9 lead over St. Bonaventure. The Bonnies look gassed.

7:38 PM: Buffalo coach Nate Oats is all in: “We think we’re the better team.”

7:37 PM: It’s halftime in Boise, and Buffalo leads Arizona 40-38.

7:33 PM: It is now 9-0 Montana at the first timeout of the game. We haven’t had a huge upset today, but between this game and Buffalo – now up one on Arizona with just over a minute to go in the first half – maybe we’ll at least get a scare.

7:32 PM: Michigan hasn’t scored in the first three minutes of their game against Montana. Maybe the two-week layoff to play the conference tournament a week early in New York City wasn’t a great idea?

7:29 PM: “It’s nice to be young… fast food at 5:00 a.m.” Len Elmore, wistful, as he calls his final game of the day.

7:23 PM: Very encouraged that Buffalo, in the post-Bobby Hurley era, has found another extremely young, completely nuts coach to take them to the tournament.

7:22 PM: St. Bonaventure is off to a 5-4 lead on Florida, I’ve picked St. Bonaventure because the Atlantic 10 is the best basketball conference.

7:15 PM: Harlan prescribing prednisone or a JOLLY RANCHER. You can’t make this stuff up.


7:13 PM: A catch-and-shoot three from another Tide freshman, John Petty, makes it a two point game at halftime.

7:11 PM: Harlan tells us that ‘Bama star Collin Sexton pulled a 4.0 in the fall semester. No word on how is spring semester is shaping up.

7:09 PM: Speaking of losing it, Buffalo is beating Arizona 21-14 early.

7:06 PM: “BIBBS IS THREE OF THREE, FROM THREE.” I’m telling you, if this game is anywhere close with about ten minutes to go in the second half Harlan is going to let it fly. He’s already at level eight and it’s still the first half. Va Tech leads by three.

7:00 PM: 7-0 run has Alabama up 36-34 on Virginia Tech. I’m rooting for this game to go down to the wire just so we can hear Kevin Harlan lose it again.

6:58 PM: Brad Nessler does not stop. After Gray references all the free throws he missed, Nessler goes “Hey Rob! You only missed four free throws, not that many.”


March Madness TV

6:55 PM: Kelvin Sampson, who just got his first tournament win since 2007 before it all went wrong at Indiana, is none too pleased. “We just kept putting them on the line,” he says.

6:54 PM: San Diego State got a good look at a three off of the full court pass, but it’s long and Houston – behind a phenomenal performance from Gray – escapes with a 67-65 win in a game that got hot in a hurry.

6:53 PM: Steve Lavin just called that shot a “dipsy doo, scooparoo,” can’t imagine why he’s not coaching anymore.

6:52 PM: What a finish! Rob Gray hits a bobbing, weaving, spinning layup to give Houston the lead with a second to go! He has 39!

6:51 PM: THEY’RE TRADING THREES! Houston hits one, San Diego State comes down and hits another! It’s 65 up with the shot clock off!

6:50 PM: WOAH! Deep three from San Diego State to tie the game with a minute to go!

6:45 PM: Houston leads San Diego State 62-58 with just over two minutes to play, and Brad Nessler couldn’t sound less enthused. He’s just consistently bashing both teams and I think you have to admire him for it.

6:42 PM: “The Red Raiders can put this game on ice,” Spero Dedes says.

“Put it on ice to the delight of Red Raider nation… I think they brought the whole country.” Elmore appreciating the crowd in Dallas (?).

6:41 PM: SFA is just about out of rope. Tech is at the line up six with just 43.4 to go. Houston leads San Diego State 59-55 at the under-four. Virginia Tech leads Alabama by one early.

6:37 PM: Stephen F. Austin has hit just one field goal in the last seven minutes as the Red Raiders hit a wide-open corner three to make the lead 64-58. San Diego State, meanwhile, is within three points of Houston.

6:33 PM: Danger zone for the Lumberjacks: Bucket negated for a charge that fouls one of their starters out of the game. Tech leads 61-58.

6:31 PM: Texas Tech finally takes the lead for the first time in the second half, at 59-58. Three and a half left.

6:29 PM: Tech star Keenan Evans goes barreling into a couple of defenders, charge is called. Elmore is unsure: “I have the benefit of replay… but I can be noncommittal after seeing it on replay.” It’s now 57-57.

6:27 PM: Stephen F. Austin and Texas Tech heating up. Tie game at 55, coming up on six minutes to play.

6:21 PM: SFA still leads by one at the under-eight timeout. Kentucky won 78-73, meanwhile San Diego State has cut Houston’s lead to five at 53-48.

6:18 PM: Someone how Stephen F. Austin, whose guy elbowed the player in the face, has come out of this situation with two technical free throws before Texas Tech gets also gets two technical free throws and the ball.

6:16 PM: We have an elbow to the face in the SFA-Tech game. Refs reviewing it for flagrancy.

6:13 PM: Weber adamant that Calipari just screamed at Kevin Knox “YOU BETTER MAKE THESE” as Knox was heading to the line. Now might be a relevant point at which to mention that Calipari claimed that the Selection Committee was sending UK to play “in Alaska” (Boise), which is “six hours” from Lexington (it’s not).

6:11 PM: Tech on a big run, they’ve cut the Stephen F. Austin lead to 51-50 after getting a put-back bucket after their center missed a one-handed alleyoop throw-down.

6:06 PM: Davidson has gone completely cold, and Kentucky is nearly there. They’re up nine with a minute to go.

6:02 PM: Davidson has had a couple of good looks at three, but hasn’t knocked them down. Kentucky’s lead is six with under two minutes to play.

5:59 PM: “They need to get some fluids in him,” Len Elmore says, watching a cramping SFA player on the monitor. His analysis continues to just astound.

5:57 PM: Meanwhile, Stephen F. Austin is beating Texas Tech by five coming up on thirteen minutes to play.

The Pine Log

5:55 PM: Some sharp jump-shooting from Kentucky, but Davidson is hanging around. 61-58 with less than four to go.

5:52 PM: I am absolutely fascinated by this incredibly short man on Davidson. His name is Rusty Reigel and he’s *allegedly* 6’2/210. I’m not buying it.

5:50 PM: “I am getting my season ticket for Radford men’s basketball — and women’s basketball — for next year.” Reggie Miller going in HARD in garbage time. Radford trails Villanova by 27 points.

5:46 PM: A tiny child gets completely wide open for Davidson underneath and John Calipari is about to explode. It’s 54-54 with just over seven minutes to go.

5:45 PM: Tie game! Guðmundsson again!

5:43 PM: “Davidson showing that size matters…………………. WHEN YOU TALK ABOUT YOUR HEART!” Webber thrilled as Davidson cuts the UK lead to one before a timeout.

5:40 PM: I don’t know what the hell has gotten into Bob McKillop, but he’s running down the sideline grinning after every basket. This man is having himself A TIME!

5:37 PM: Greg Gumbel, who has subbed in for Ernie Johnson as host in the New York studio, asks a question about potential Cinderellas, which Kenny Smith answers incoherently: “What I see is a plethora of good teams,” he says, “and they’re good because they play hard.”

5:35 PM: Davidson has this guy from Iceland named Jón Axel Guðmundsson who has hit four threes in this game, I’m thinking Kentucky should be worried. Iceland is having a nice run the last couple of years.

5:33 PM: Bob McKillop, 67, literally running down the sideline after one of his guards misses an open three. 44-38 Kentucky in that one, Houston’s lead is ten at halftime of that game.

5:27 PM: This just in, George H.W. Bush has picked Texas A&M to win the national championship. Still a better bracket than James Comey’s which inexplicably had no pick for like six first round games.

5:22 PM: I’m back. The Wolfpack gave up 94 points and lost, which, yeah. On right now: Villanova flattening Radford, Kentucky up six on Davidson, Texas Tech up two on Stephen F. Austin, and Houston leading San Diego State by five. Good slate of games.

3:14 PM: Seton Hall leads 69-66 with just over eight to go in Wichita. Godspeed to the ‘Pack, and see you for the late games.

3:08 PM: Ohio State closed it out at 81-73. Daum’s 27 make him the second high-score of the day, just a point short of Young.

3:06 PM: Whether Mark Gottfried is the coach or not, I think it pretty much goes without saying that you can always bet on NC State to be as ridiculous as possible. They draw some strange joy from it.

3:03 PM: I’m going over to the NC State game. Wish me luck.

3:00 PM: Williams fouled shooting a three again! Three free throws upcoming, with Ohio State leading 74-70 and 1:04 to go.

2:58 PM: Not tied for long! Buckeyes with a chance for a four-point play!

2:57 PM: Guess what, our pal Tellinghuisen has tied the game from line. It’s 70 up.

2:55 PM: Ohio State’s Jae-Sean Tate fouls out going over the back on Daum trying to corral an offensive rebound. Jackrabbits have pulled to within two, two and a half to play.

2:51 PM: Uh oh! Daum hits another three, it’s 70-66, and Chris Holtman takes time for the Buckeyes. If this kid somehow manages to will South Dakota State over the line, we will never hear the end of it.

2:49 PM: Also I haven’t seen a second of the Seton Hall-NC State game, but it looks nuts. No one is playing any defense, and the Wolfpack are running extremely hot and cold. It’s 55-49 Pirates with the second half just underway.

2:48 PM: Daum update: The Daumster has 23 points, but his team trails by eight with under five minutes to go. Mom Daum looking less than pleased in the stands.

2:35 PM: Brian Anderson just called the Jackrabbits the “Jackalopes,” whatever they are, they’re down 61-54 to Ohio State with ten minutes to go.


2:27 PM: Loyola Chicago 64, Miami 62. The Ramblers’ 98-year-old chaplain Sister Jean Dolores-Schmidt smiling wide courtside.

2:25 PM: PARTY LIKE IT’S ’63.

Loyola Phoenix

2:21 PM: YOWWWWWWWWW! Front end dribbles off and Loyola hits a 24-footer from out top to make it 64-62 with 0.3 seconds left! What an incredible shot!

2:20 PM: Ramblers get two good looks, but can’t connect. One-and-one for Miami with 9 seconds left.

2:17 PM: He gets one of two and the HURRICANES GUARD GETS STRIPPED AND LOSES THE BALL OUT OF BOUNDS! Ramblers have it, down one, with 23.5 to go.

2:15 PM: ‘Canes get a big-time jumper from Ja’Quan Newton before Loyola gets fouled on a driver. 62-60, two free throws coming up.


2:12 PM: One of the Hurricanes’ starters has fouled out with 1:50 to go, and the Loyola coach is starting to look a little bit delirious. Pressure!

2:10 PM: Miami stretches it to 60-55 with some more strong inside play. Loyola at the line for a one-and-one.

2:05 PM: Under four timeout. Miami leads 57-55, and they’re shooting free throws after the break.

2:03 PM: Loyola really struggling with Miami’s size at both ends of the floor. They’re going to need to make some jump shots if they want to pull this off.

2:00 PM: Elmore threatening to go out onto the court with a towel if no one cleans up a wet spot. ‘Canes still up two.

1:59 PM: Miami 55, Loyola Chicago 53. Under seven to go.

1:55 PM: “We have a timeout, the Ramblers are down two, but the Hurricanes are… up two – this is huge.” Elmore might not make any sense, but at least he seems to be enjoying the game.

1:54 PM: Elmore just described a Miami three as “unconscious,” which is exactly how a number of neutral observers would describe his commentary.

1:51 PM: ONLY KEVIN DURANT SOMETHING SOMETHING SOMETHING MIKE DAUM. Brian Anderson with the statistical proof that Daum is the second coming. It’s a tie game in Boise.

1:50 PM: South Dakota State’s point guard is named Reed Tellinghuisen, and he’s from a town called – I kid you not – Sac City, Iowa.

1:44 PM: Miami up five on Loyola Chicago, Ohio State up six on the Jackrabbits, Duke cruising against Iona, Seton Hall out to a nine point lead on NC State.

1:41 PM: Update: out of the game.

1:38 PM: “If you think he’s coming out of this game, you’re out of your mind,” Steve Smith says of a Loyola guard who turned his ankle.

1:34 PM: Thunderous dunk by Daum and Chris Weber is incoherent! “OKAY DAUM, WHERE’S THE ROOT BEER?”

1:31 PM: Mr. Daum.

South Dakota State

1:24 PM: Dan Dakich’s kid just stole an inbounding pass to set up a three and took a charge on the next possession for the Buckeyes. This is good news for nobody.

1:21 PM: The South Dakota State Jackrabbits are out to an early 12-8 lead over Ohio State, and I am here to tell you that no team has ever better represented the Upper Midwest than these Jackrabbits. Their star is a 6’10 three-point sharpshooter named Mike Daum.

1:08 PM: “Hey. There’s no bad time to have a donut.” Barkley in rare form today in the CBS studio.

1:06 PM: This Miami-Loyola Chicago game is terrific. Tied at 28 going to the break.

1:00 PM: Now that Kansas’s win against Peen is final, I think Seth Davis should be locked behind his pick board and not allowed to speak for the rest of the day. Raise the stakes a little bit.

12:54 PM: Grayson Allen sinks a three at the buzzer, and Duke has put up 53 points in the first half against Iona, who Coach K just called a “championship-level team” in the halftime interview before getting cut off by Jacobson.


12:50 PM: Len Elmore is “not sure” if Miami has “recognized” that Loyola-Chicago has switched from zone to man defense. This seems… extremely unlikely.

12:49 PM: This Xaxby’s ad where the chicken wings and crinkle fries talk to the couple sitting on their couch is really troubling on several different levels.

12:45 PM: Kansas 67, Penn 56.

March Madness TV

12:37 PM: Gonzaga escapes 68-64. Few’s tenth straight opening round win, but plenty of work to do before that potential matchup with Ohio State on Saturday.

12:35 PM: The Gonzaga forward misses both free throws, but Greensboro’s three point attempt to tie the game rattles out. Zags with another chance to put it away at the line.

12:33 PM: Crazy play! Greensboro push-off sends the Zags defender careening into the Greensboro ball carrier, who goes down in a heap as an offensive foul is called. Gonzaga headed to the line for two.

12:32 PM: Zags get a huge three! 67-64, 20.8 seconds left.

12:31 PM: Josh Perkins rifles in a jumper for Gonzaga, Greensboro misses on the other end. Chance for the Zags to steal the game.

12:29 PM: Bulldogs’ point guard not even close on the front end of a one-and-one, Greensboro throws it out of bounds on the other end. Late game execution!

12:27 PM: Gonzaga is getting destroyed on the glass. It’s Greensboro 64, Zags 62 with 1:39 to go as Mark Few takes timeout.

12:25 PM: I’ve seen more three-point attempts hit the backboard than the rim in the last hour, the NBA this is not.

12:22 PM: 60-60 at the under three. Potential darling Loyola Chicago is out to an early lead on Miami. Kansas leads by five, Duke by two.

12:20 PM: Gonzaga looking like trash, have lost their lead. It’s 58-58 in Boise.

12:18 PM: Chris Webber just said that somebody on Greensboro couldn’t get his foot behind the line for a three because he wears a size 20 shoe. “Ahhh, my foot’s too big!” he screams in glee breaking down the replay.

12:16 PM: Goodness. UNC Greensboro is within three against Gonzaga, 57-54 with under seven minutes to go.

12:13 PM: “Caught it, took it, drew the foul, got the two, send him to the line.” Harlan fired up for this Duke game.

12:08 PM: Iona’s coach confident about his team’s chances against Duke: “They rebound almost 40 percent of their shots, offensive rebounds, against higher level opponents. I can’t imagine what the number is going to go to against us.”

12:05 PM: When you’re on a team with Fatts Russell and E.C. Matthews.

March Madness TV

12:01 PM: Flip over to CBS, Barkley is talking about how to fix the NCAA. “Ernie, there’s no perfect solution,” he says. “I don’t come up with exotic solutions.”

11:55 AM: Greensboro is hanging around, keeping the Zags within range. It’s 46-38 with twelve minutes to go.

11:50 AM: In case you were wondering, Wright State ended up losing 73-47. Gonzaga is up 11 on UNC Greensboro.

11:44 AM: Very chagrined to report that the Jayhawks have gathered themselves and are taking a 33-26 lead into the break.

11:39 AM: It’s over! 83-78 Rhode Island. Now: let’s check in with Kansas…


11:37 AM: Fatts heading to the line with Rhode Island up five and 11.2 seconds left to play. Young has 28, but it’s likely not going to be enough.


11:33 AM: 50 percent Rhode Island free throw shooter Cyril Langevine hits a pair at the line, Oklahoma responds. 76-74 Rams, timeout with 54 seconds to go.

11:31 AM: What if I told you… that with under six minutes to play in the first half, Penn leads Kansas 21-13 in Wichita.

11:30 AM: Some chump from OU gets stripped by Fats Russell. Ball given to Rhode Island, but the play is under review.

11:27 AM: Beautiful pump-fake by E.C. Matthews sets up a bullseye three for Rhode Island and Young takes timeout! 1:32 to go in OT, Rams 74, Sooners 72.

11:26 AM: Young launching the ball from the logo on consecutive possessions. Still a one-point game.

11:25 AM: Under three minutes to go in overtime, 72-71 Sooners. No room to breathe in this game.

11:23 AM: Problems for Rhode Island. Two more free throws from Young give Oklahoma the lead, and he sets up a chance for two more at the line with a beautiful drive and dish.

11:21 AM: Guess which team is on pace to score 40 points… that’s right, it’s cold-blooded March performers the Kansas Jayhawks!

11:18 AM: Young hits a pair to tie the game, Dowtin misses a jumper for Rhode Island, and Robinson’s put-back effort hangs on the rim before falling off. Overtime coming up.

11:17 AM: Russell misses a three, and Young is fouled on a drive with 14.5 to go. One and one.

11:15 AM: Timeout Rams. About a fifteen second differential between the shot and game clocks, so Oklahoma can play it out defensively.

11:14 AM: MAMMOTH offensive foul by a Sooners forward, the Rhode Island guy who took it is legitimately injured. Rams get the ball back up two with 48.2 to go.

11:12 AM: 55 seconds to go, Oklahoma ball, timeout. Also – just because they don’t want you to know – Penn is out to a 12-7 lead on Kansas.

11:11 AM: E.C. Matthews with a score and one for Rhode Island, they lead 69-67. All on Trae Young for OU.

11:10 AM: Young slashes for a layup and hits a three on the next possession. Sooners lead by one.

11:09 AM: Still 66-62 as Hurley takes timeout with just more than three minutes left.

11:08 AM: Dana Jacobson just accused Fatts Russell of having “an extra chin” when he was a baby. Bonner remains perplexed by the nickname. “Isn’t everyone a chubby baby?”

11:04 AM: 66-62 at the under-four timeout, with the Rams at the line for two coming out of the break.

11:02 AM: Rhode Island leads 64-60, five minutes to go. First game of the tournament coming down to the wire. Young and Fatts dueling.


10:55 AM: Trae Young eat your heart out.

March Madness TV


10:50 AM: Some more good news from the name department. Tennessee has a forward, Admiral Scofield, who is named after a British insurance company. He had ten first half points.


10:46 AM: 50-49 Sooners, FATTS RUSSELL checking in for the Rams.

10:45 AM: Gonzaga getting a little bit bullied by a big from UNC Greensboro named Dickey, so that’s excellent.

10:42 AM: This game is great, both teams are running up and down the floor and throwing the ball away as quickly as they can. It’s like they’re playing for field position.

10:36 AM: Trae Young turns it over, before one of Rhode Island’s twelve guards throughs a behind-the-back pass out of bounds on a two-on-one break. This is more like it.

10:32 AM: Some guy named Terrell on Rhode Island has hit three consecutive threes! Tie game at 44!

10:29 AM: A humble proposition that the Rams get the ball to FATTS RUSSELL for some INSTANT OFFENSE.

10:28 AM: Rhode Island is getting absolutely flattened on the glass. Sooners aren’t shooting a great percentage, but it hasn’t mattered so far. They lead 40-33.

10:26 AM: Dan Hurley apparently hoping that Rhode Island can hold Trae Young to fifteen or fewer shots in this game. Young took only four shots in the first half, but made all of them.

10:19 AM: “I’m still working on my four,” Kenny Smith says, trying to change his bracket an hour after the tournament started.

10:17 AM: Charles Barkley has picked San Diego State to beat North Carolina in the Sweet Sixteen. “I feel very good about my bracket,” Barkley says.

10:15 AM: Len Elmore with some typically incisive commentary at the Tennessee-Wright State game: “The crowd is looking for an upset. You know, the lower seeds are going to have the crowd behind them… That’s what March Madness is all about.”

10:10 AM: “One of the storylines was the fact that, midway through the first half, no starter had scored for Wright State,” Ernie Johnson says. Yeah that’s not ideal.

10:05: Oklahoma leads by four, 35-31, at halftime. Wright State, meanwhile, is stuck on eight points with under eight minutes to go in the first half.

10:02 AM: “That’s two offensive fouls drawn by Fatts Russell and his pesky defense!” shouts Dan Bonner. Very happy he’s back this year.

9:59 AM: 40-yard baseball pass assist for Young, who has the Sooners up 35-27 on Rhode Island.


March Madness TV

9:48 AM: Welcome to the 2018 tournament! On right now: Oklahoma up by three against Rhode Island and Tennessee tipping off against Wright State. Trae Young has ten for the Sooners.

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