Is American Football Knowledge Really Useful?

It begins in a fairly simple manner – the banter back and forth about which team was better in the last decade. You suddenly start discussing which player this year is going to dominate. You know your stats and your history, and you know you’re right. This is not an uncommon event among American football fans. There’s something about American football that can easily turn friend into foe, or family into enemy. If you’re from the south, football is in your blood. It’s something that you love and watch religiously. Even those in the north and the west have a deep love of football. From racing to golf, It’s unlike any other sport in America. Oh, you have people who love their hockey or basketball, but in the U.S., dedication to American football is almost as encompassing as dedication to traditional football in countries like the U.K.

Fans even gather in groups to watch the game. After all, watching the big game at your house alone is no fun, and no one wants to tailgate alone. So they gather together and cheer on our favorite teams, hoping that they win. Inevitably you’ll find that you start talking statistics. But is any of that knowledge ever really going to be useful?

Friendly Rivalry

There are actually a few ways your extensive knowledge of American football could be useful. Naturally, one of the first is that you can use it to prove to your friends that you’re right about the argument you’re currently having.

It’s more than that, though. It can be more useful than that. In fact, one way it can be even more useful is by using Betway to place a small wager on the next American football game.  The advantages here are clear. You have a lot of knowledge that you can put to use, and that knowledge could mean a bigger payout in the long run.

Adding to Your Knowledge Base

Hoping to add to what you know before you place your bet? The Betway Insider is a fantastic option. The Betway Insider is a blog on-site that helps you discover all the best tips and tricks and insider knowledge before any game even starts! On-page writers spend quite a bit of time researching and learning more about every aspect of the game, and you can use that research to learn which teams you should back and which ones you shouldn’t. Their Super Bowl coverage is amazing and is one of the best ways to make sure that you bet the right way. With the Betway Insider you can take the information and gut feelings that you have and match it to their information and inside knowledge to truly be able to make the most informed bet that you possibly can.

College and NFL Betting

Not only does Betway have the best national football league odds in the business, they also allow you to bet on both NFL and college games! Some people just don’t care as much for the NFL games as they do the college games, while others love watching college games because it shows you the talent and skill that is coming up in the ranks and that will be in the NFL soon. If you love college football, you can bet on that as well! NCAAF football league betting can offer a serious amount of excitement to bet on, and there are not only 12 regular season games you can bet on, there are all sorts of “bowl” and playoff games as well. Betting and winning on college ball will definitely show your friends who has the most football smarts!

Next season, don’t let your group of friends trick you into thinking that you’re not as smart as they are when it comes to American football. Challenge them to some bets! You can place small bets, or larger ones, to prove that your football knowledge is definitely better!