How To Prepare Your Football Team For The Upcoming Season

As a coach of a high school team, it’s your job to make sure your players improve and excel during the season. However, coaches should also do things before the season even begins to ensure their team comes out on top. In this article, we’ll list some activities you can do to prepare your football team for the upcoming season. 

Focus on Conditioning

One thing many teams already do before a new season begins is conditioning. This is how you help your players get back into shape after a long summer of relaxation. While this can be fairly effective, only doing it for a week before the season begins usually isn’t enough.

Instead, you should hold conditioning events throughout summer break. Even though you likely won’t be able to make them mandatory, you can find ways to convince your players to show up. During this time, you can teach them new techniques and ensure they’re in shape way before the season begins.

Hold Fun Teambuilding Events

Of course, not all your time together before the next season needs to focus on back-breaking drills. You should take some time to help your team bond. After all, creating connections and friendships will help strengthen your team’s performance out on the field. Holding the occasional movie night or planning a group trip to an amusement park will help your players grow closer together in no time.

Set Up a Fundraiser

Of course, nothing in this world is free. Whether you want to set up one of these group bonding activities or buy new gear for the coming season, you’ll need some funds. Since school systems often can’t provide enough money for their teams, it’ll be up to you to fundraise. 

The summer before the season starts is the best time to hold a fundraiser. There are plenty of creative football team fundraising ideas you can carry out. Plus, fundraising during the summer will save you a lot of time during the season. No coach wants to take time away from practice to talk about candy bar sales.

Learn New Coaching Techniques

Lastly, one of the best ways to prepare your football team for the upcoming season is to put the focus on you. No matter how good of a coach you are, there’s always room for improvement. Take the time to look up insightful videos or talk to other coaches to learn new techniques. Your players will only excel through your advice, so make sure you present it in the best way possible for your team.