How The German Bundesliga And UFC Are Now Paving The Way For Other Leagues And Sports To Return Around The World

The coronavirus pandemic has spread around the world, with many areas affected to different degrees. The US has been one of the ones worst affected but at the same time appear to be one of the best when it comes to testing and returning to normality. The country is now continuing to open and will quickly be looking to bounce back. Businesses are now reopening and this includes the sport industries, which originally saw event after event being cancelled.

Many of these organisations have been looking at the lead from Germany, who have been at the forefront of the battle against the virus. They have been one of the least affected major countries and without a doubt one of the best in dealing with the outbreak with their mass testing from an early stage. That is why they became one of the first in returning with major sport, with their top soccer league known as the Bundesliga returning on May 16th. This has seen all games taking place behind closed doors but it has proven a great success, with spectators watching from around the world. This meant they became the first major European league to return, with much support on Bayern Munich for the title using the starspring promo code. This turned out to be well placed, as they have now guaranteed the title with their victory earlier this week.

The UFC were also at the forefront of a return, and despite the original date being put back, returned with their UFC 249 card. This meant they were the first sport to return with the event taking place on May 9th in Jacksonville, Florida. It proved to be a hugely successful event amongst spectators around the world, with many other events also now following suit. The event saw Justin Gaethje win the main event with an impressive victory over favourite Tony Ferguson.

These organisations have now lead the way for many others to return. Horse racing being one that is now returning across Europe and the US, with Royal Ascot also taking placed behind closed doors this week. Many other major soccer leagues across Europe are returning in the near future, such as the La Liga in Spain and of course the Premier league in the UK.

In the US, the NBA continue their talks about a return, with the NHL now planning for a 24 team return to compete for the Stanley Cup. The NFL also continue their talks on a return, so let’s hope all of these progress and we see sport continuing to return across the world in the near future.