How Do Point Spreads In College Football Change?

The point spreads in college football are changing often, and they will not remain flat for even an hour. has looked into the ways the point spreads on their site have changed, and they are releasing college football odds every year that will change in similar manner. Gamblers who are interested in studying the spread must read this article, and they will learn how the tide shifts from one team to another.

#1: Analyzing Any Game

The games on the college football schedule are not predictable in any ways, and they are often moving up and down on the smallest bits of news. Someone who is watching the odds move and down will notice teams losing money at the slightest hint of bad news. A bad practice or potential injury as bad as a major injury or a player being suspended before the game. Gamblers must watch the odds change every day knowing more news may come out, and they must decide when the odds are the most in their favor.

#2: How Did The Rose Bowl Odds Change?

The Rose Bowl was an interesting game as both teams were bit on the outside looking in. USC and Penn State were left out of the college football playoff, and they were not happy to be in the game. The betting lines on Penn State changed often because the team was filled with so much uncertainty. The team was upset about missing the playoff, but they wanted to win the Rose Bowl. USC should have had a better season, and they felt as though they were not in the right place. The teams both traded moves on betting lines because of the way they entered the game.

#3: Betting Close To Kickoff

Someone who is willing to bet on the games must bet as close to kickoff as possible. They will find the lines are more stable, and they will have the last bit of information on the game. Betting too soon will waste money, and too many things may change in the interim. Patience is often the only skill a gambler must have.

There are many people who bet on games such as the Rose Bowl without waiting for all the information to come through. The game was a good one that had many twists and turns in the betting lines, and those who waited to bet did quite well for themselves.