Easy Personal Workouts To Use At The Gym

The community gym is a great way to stay fit with a plethora of fantastic exercise resources. However, rookie gym-goers often get overwhelmed by the sheer equipment selection and feel lost in their routines. Avoid shelling out the big bucks for a personal trainer and practice these easy personal workouts to use at the gym for your next visit. 

Weight Resistance Routine

The most straightforward gym workout to do is a solid weight resistance routine that helps build muscle and core strength. These activities include pushups, curl-ups, planks, and resistance-band curling/pumping. These exercises require little to no equipment, as the burn comes from the natural resistance to your weight. 

Create a routine by combining consistent reps of different target exercises—alternate between a band-activities and a ground exercise. Weight resistance is an easy way to stay fit without paying a trainer to guide you in the activity. 

Sprint Cycles

Tons of great cardio workouts involve treadmills, ellipticals, and other running equipment. However, creating a sprint cycle routine while running is the best way to maximize the benefits of your exercise. For example, combine easy cardio with brief periods of intense sprinting to burn fat and keep your heart rate up. Additionally, use cool-down times to implement inclines for optimal weight loss. Running is a high-impact activity, so ensure you have the proper gear, such as quality running shoes and workout accessories.

Purpose Lifting

During the bubble NBA season, Damian Lillard showed his social media fans a small taste of his daily workout routine, and fans were interested in his intense bicep curl exercises. That kind of motion isn’t directly beneficial to court play for an NBA player. However, it’s a targeted lifting workout that keeps Damian pliable and strong. Targeting specific muscles, such as exercises to tone your arms, is relatively easy and a pro move for any gym-goer. Research which motions are most beneficial for your needs and ensure optimal results with 3 sets of 20 reps.

With these easy personal workouts to use at the gym, you can effectively stay fit while maximizing your time exercising. Personal trainers are great resources for staying focused at the gym, but creating your own routine is the best way to save money and get great results.