Blackjack Varieties And Strategies

There are many varieties of blackjack. Some versions differ from the classic one only in nuances, while others are almost nothing like the original. Here are a few popular types:

  • Atlantic City
  • Vegas Strip
  • European
  • Spanish 21
  • Сlassic
  • Pontoon
  • Progressive
  • Switch
  • Super Fun 21.

Here we will look at the main differences. After that, you may learn the rules and try to play the game at yoju casino AU

What are the differences between the different types of blackjack?

Atlantic City is played with eight decks. The dealer peeks at his cards, checking for blackjack. The dealer also stops the set at 17 points. After that, the player can split the cards up to three times.

Vegas Strip is the American version. It is played with four decks. The rules are similar to Atlantic City. This version is more common on the Internet.

European Blackjack is played with two decks. The cards are dealt out in the open, and the dealer has one left closed. It is not revealed until the player makes a decision.

Spanish 21 contains 6-8 decks. All tens are removed from the game – this increases the casino’s advantage. The dealer can check his cards for blackjack. 

Classic is the most common version. It is played with 1-8 decks. 

Pontoon – is played without tens, like the Spanish version. Four to eight decks are used. A Pontoon combines an Ace and any Ten, which pays 3 to 2, just like Blackjack. Five cards worth 21 points are also paid.

The progressive has the same gameplay as the classic, but the player can get the jackpot. The fund is collected from additional bets. 

Switch – The player can collect two hands and flip cards from one to the other. The cards are dealt out in the open. Blackjack payout is 1 to 1. 

Super Fun 21 uses 1 deck. The rules are the same as the classic – the only difference is the payout. Blackjack of the Ace of Diamonds and any card of 10 points pays 2 to 1. The blackjack obtained on the first two cards always wins. The winnings are in favour of the player, even if there is a draw. 

Blackjack Strategy

Usually, the dealer will stop taking cards if he has 17 points or more. For the beginner, it will also be wise to stop at the same amount at first. When the player gets the hang of it, it is advisable to use all possible solutions, guided by the cards available.

Here are the main points of basic strategy:

  • It’s worth taking another card if you have up to 12 points in hand
  • if the sum of 12 – 17 points, it is advisable to stop in most cases, passing the turn to the dealer
  • if the cards are the same, from sixes to aces, it’s wise to split. The exception is two tens, which should be passed to the dealer
  • You can double if you have an ace and a low card. The dealer must have from three to six. In other cases, it is advisable just to take another card.

Of the other strategies, it is worth stopping at doubling and Hylo. The first strategy is similar to Martingale, meaning in two actions:

  • doubling the bet after losing;
  • return to the initial bet after winning. 

However, you need unlimited limits on the gaming table and a large bankroll for this strategy to work. 

The Hylo strategy is card counting. Each card has a different number. All cards worth 10 points are taken as minus one. From a seven to a nine is zero. The rest are plus one. 

The player counts the cards received, and depending on this, passes or bets more. But this system is only suitable in land-based casinos. In online games, the cards are mixed after each deal. The second nuance — the most straightforward strategy works in blackjack for one deck.