3 Reasons Sports Bettors Lose

It is common for bettors to think negative of bookmakers. This is largely because bookmakers are usually rich, and bettors think that’s all cause of foul play. However, this is nothing but wrong belief.

Bookmakers make serious money because they get a commission for every time someone places a bet. So, them being ridiculously rich is because of the service they provide.

As for bettors, they lose bets not because of the fact that bookmakers have an advantage over them but because they play poorly.

Let’s look at some of the most common reasons why bettors lose:

  1. Not Managing The Money Properly

Failure to manage money properly isn’t just a problem with beginner bettors but pros do it too. In fact, there are many skilled bettors who have lost a huge amount of money as a result of poor management.

Now, what does it mean to poorly manage money in the world of betting? It mean to know when to place a bet and how much. Let’s have a look at a few mistakes:

  • Placing huge bets in haste and excitement without considering the statistics of the game.
  • Chasing losses.
  • Putting all the profits earned on the line.

This is one of the prime reasons why bettors lose. Therefore, make sure you limit your bankroll to a certain percentage so that if you lose, you don’t lose it all and be left with nothing to bet on for another day.

Also, never go chasing your loss. This is tempting but one of the biggest mistakes. Wait for another day when things are different.

  1. Wagering For The Wrong Reasons

Sports such as football and cricket have die hard fans all around the globe. Some people get so attached to their home teams that they are willing to do anything.

Here’s where sentiments can cloud a person’s judgment and make them take wrong decisions. Many people bet on their favorite team and not the better team, simply because of their sentiments. And, this can be a major mistake.

Hence, make sure you are not playing favorites when you’re betting because it’s your money that is at stake here.

  1. Betting Every Now And Then

Betting is a risky business. You won’t be lucky every time you bet. Many bettors become blindsided by greed and bet too often, even on sports they know nothing about.

This can be a big mistake. You should only bet when you have the money to bet, and the knowledge to win. Do not go winning until the odds are in your favor. Betting is like a sport, and you do not have to take part in every tournament.

  1. Not Knowing Where to Bet

This is the most important point to remember. As odd as it may sound, betting scams are a reality and you need to be careful if you do not wish to lose your hard earned money.

People lose millions of dollars every year simply because they choose unreliable betting sites. You must make sure to be very careful when it comes to picking a site to bet. Names such as Toals Bookmakers are quite reliable, so make sure to be careful.

Go through reviews and check what others have to say before you put any of your money on the line. Your best option is to go for third party reviews as they are honest.


These are the most common reasons that bettors lose at betting on sports. So, make sure you avoid them and play safe.