A First Timer’s Guide To Enjoying The Incredible Sports Event At Your Favorite Location

Melbourne city has a special place in my heart. I have always been excited to know about this city despite visited it many a time. Catching up with my old friends and trying something new in this ever-changing place, I am combining some tourist perspective as well some sporty outlook in this article to ensure you some of the checklist required while traveling for a sports event.

It was my fortune to enjoy an incredible sports event at this incredible destination of Melbourne. The city, which is recognized as a sporting capital, Melbourne hosts the annual Australian Open tennis championships and attracts major sporting events like cricket and football as well. 

Attending an event is fun, but when it comes to attending in any other country, it requires some careful planning, so plan you’re itinerary and books a comfortable hotel for those specific days as it will be too costly if you plan it in the last minute of the event. One of the reasonable grabs is Citadines on Bourke Street that can give you an affordable stay, and it is also convenient to tram stops or street malls. 

Stay close to the heart of the sporting action to enjoy as many benefits. With attending a sports event, you can spend some time at flat landscapes of Melbourne or hunt down street art. If you’re ready for a mini shopping fix, you can go through the Melbourne’s CBDs the main street or enjoy an arcade full of boutique retailers near the golden mile heritage route. 

I made a trip down to Melbourne to attend a sports event at Melbourne cricket ground, where I got the opportunity to take a guided tour of the grounds and also the changing rooms. The best part was to see the fields with a player’s perspective and even walk on the grass. 

With a capacity of more than 1 lakh people, the Melbourne Cricket Ground is the world’s largest cricket stadium. During winter, this ground hosts mostly Australian football leagues while in summer, it’s organized for cricket matches. I got to see the Boxing Day Test match between Australia and England. 

I explored the stadium’s inner sanctum, which has a National Sports Museum that features thousands of sporting artifacts. Having all the memories of Australia’s sporting history, it also houses the Australian Cricket Hall of Fame and Australian Football Hall of Fame. Nearby there is also the Melbourne Park, which is home to the annual Australian Open tennis Grand Slam tournament.

Essential tips for a first-timer

  • Carry necessities, such as a change of clothes, as per the weather.
  • Pack sleepwear and personal grooming items as well.
  • It is compulsory to take sunglasses, sunscreen as well as hats to secure yourself from heatwaves.
  • Always keep a first aid kit as a safety measure.
  • Consider to take food and drink requirements for the event.
  • Research about the destination before the actual visit
  • Purchasing a bottle of water can be costly, so take it with you from your hotel room.
  • Charge your electronic devices before using them on the D-day or else invest in a spare battery.
  • Planning for online betting during your trip, make sure you’re aware of the local regulations.
  • Get your tickets from a trustworthy source and stay vigilant when traveling. Sports Where I Am, one of the leading sports travel company, is one of the few excellent platforms to grab the best discounts of any sports event tickets.
  • Find season ticket holders among your friends and family to get at a discounted price.
  • Cut transportation costs by taking public transportation or walking as this will save you on gas and parking expenses.
  • Team merchandise can be costly, so consider to look for your local sporting goods retailer to find the best deal.
  • Save money by eating before the game or by packing some snacks from home. Even Tailgating can help save on food costs as well.

Lastly, keep in mind attending any sporting events at your favorite location can be expensive. So, try these tips as mentioned above and make your sporting event affordable and memorable.

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