5 Reasons College Football Is Much More Entertaining Than NFL


NFL indeed brings you one of the most entertaining events of the year, but that is not enough to crown it as the best football competition in the country. No one can deny that Super bowl is fun, and the hype around the game and the fans at the stadium makes it more special. But if you are a true football fan and watch all the games closely, deep inside you know that college football is much better. If you like bigger stages and bigger stakes, then you might love the NFL, but if you enjoy close heartfelt football games, then there is no substitute for college football. In this article, I have mentioned a few reasons that make college football better than the NFL.

It Begins Early

College football usually starts on Labor Day, which is a week earlier than the NFL, and it gives you very entertaining matches. Yes! The NFL has preseason games too, and they are actually very entertaining for the first week, but then they lose their charm. As long as the first week of preseason games is done, coaches start to rest their top players, and no one plays anymore to win the game. College football, on the other hand, is much more competitive, and it will never fail to entertain you. Also, if you would like to keep up with the latest news and score of college football, then you can browse over to lines.com.

It Takes Place on Saturdays

The best part about college football is that the matches take place on Saturdays, which means you can go to bed on Friday night, and the next day all you have to do is wait for the game to begin. All you have to do is get your snacks and drinks and sit in your chair all day waiting for the game to start. Most of the NFL games take place on Sunday, which can be a busy day for some of us. We have to get up in the morning early and go to church, and then we have to spend time with the wife and the kids. So, if you like your games uninterrupted, then it is time you get into college football.


If you are looking to compare the size and the facilities of the stadium, then I will rest my case right here. But if you are talking about atmosphere and accessibility then college stadiums have the edge over NFL stadiums. Unlike NFL stadiums, college stadiums are not that big, but they provide you with a great environment because they are inside the college campus. The atmosphere you will get is extremely energetic and peaceful at the same time. Also, if the college you attended is also taking part in the competition, then it will be an amazing experience for you to witness the game on the campus and cheer for your team.


I would not go into much detail for this one because it speaks for itself. I agree that there are a bunch of college players who are quite arrogant and can seem annoying at times, but in college football, you also find players who play with raw passion. They don’t just play to win the game they play for the pride of their college, and that is what makes them so entertaining. When we watch college football, we come across young players who have all the right qualities and skills, and we get to witness their journey to the big stage. It is just like coach Nick Saban said that instead of coaching immature and undisciplined football players, he would prefer to coach college players.

The Fans

Another big reason that makes college football better for me is the fans. Just like players, the fans of college football are extremely passionate about it. NFL teams are city-based, and if you are supporting your city team, then it is understandable that you may be a huge fan. But for college fans, things are different. They are supporting the team because they attended that college for four years, and they have memories associated with it. Whether you are a current student or alumnus, you still feel like you are part of the family, and you support the team passionately. 


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