Play Sports, Just Don’t Leave Home

Hello, every sports fan out there! Hope everyone is well. 

Well, as the news has told us, we hear a lot of spikes in cases and therefore, by consequence of it, we may have to rethink our outdoor plans and perhaps even our summer if this continues. 

But, fear not! There are some solutions if your favorite sport hasn’t made it back on the “web” yet. Because really, who has cable anymore?

​Well, the list of great sports games is exhaustive and could be found repeated, rehashed and re-positioned multiple times. I have a bit of a solution to that, really, in my humble opinion.

If sports brings people together and the internet brings people together, then so does gaming … why not bring all three into one in the comfort of your home. Maybe in a basement, garage or noisy room.

​It may be the safest option for us to remain in touch and to keep cheering for our teams. It’s more a question of using our imagination, quite frankly. What’s the limit in a game? You can pick any player new or old, legend or modern. From any team to any other team. Bonus: today you have many games that are immersive in the managerial aspect of things—meaning you are put in the shoes of the boss and that lets you make many decisions.

​Take your game in an unprecedented direction; that’s what fantasy leagues and meetings are, no? Cameras, phones, “mic’s”—anything you need to stay in touch. 

So, if you happen to have any of those machines at home and it’s getting a little dusty, maybe give it another try again. Except, this time try to go back in time and rewind the clock to the days of SEGA and the SNES (Super Famicom) when they were just emerging. Relive those early glories and remember those days of old when you were just too small to be able to join in with the older crowd. Nostalgia may do us good, perhaps it could spark something new. Don’t give up. We’ll make it out!